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Tonks Loved Sirius?
Posted on Sunday 9 September 2007 at 10:57 am

Trailing Tonks with Natalia Tena

Have you guys seen this bit of news from the press release for the Order of the Phoenix DVD?

Trailing Tonks - Spend a day with Actress Nat Tena and receive a very personal and often wacky tour of the Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix stages.

Sounds like it could be fun.

In other news, I woke up at about 5:00 this morning. I stayed in bed, alternately tossing-and-turning and staring at the ceiling, trying to get back to sleep until about 7:00 when I gave up and got up. No idea why that happened, but I'm already feeling the lack of sleep and it is only 11:00.
Feeling: Groggy


drumher at 3:31 pm on 09 September 2007 (UTC) (Link)
I saw that news about the behind the scenes tour with Tonks and it sounds promising. Hopefully she'll hang out with David at some point and give us some Remus/Tonks interaction.
bratty_jedi at 3:34 pm on 09 September 2007 (UTC) (Link)
We can hope. :)
lady_bracknell at 3:58 pm on 09 September 2007 (UTC) (Link)
Oh, that does sound like the most promising thing I've heard about the DVD so far. Should be fun.

Sorry about the lack of sleep :(.
bratty_jedi at 5:30 pm on 09 September 2007 (UTC) (Link)
I think I'll actually give this a shot when I et the DVD. I usually only watch deleted scenes on DVDs. If I really love a movie, I might watch any director/actor commentaries. Most of the time when I try that, though, I get bored 20 minutes into it and turn it off.

Sorry about the lack of sleep :(.
Thanks. I'll live. I used my early morning hours to finally download Google desktop so now I'm playing with the settings because that seems like a task I can do with my brain half asleep. Of course, I might get up tomorrow after a (hopefully) good night's sleep and hate everything I've done today and wonder what was I thinking. Oh well.

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