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Posted on Monday 4 June 2007 at 11:24 am

Doggone lousy morning (and other random news)

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On the front of our backyard fence, there are gates on both sides of the house. On one side, that gate goes into an area separated from the rest of the backyard by another gate. The doggie door leads out into this area and it is the dogs' area. The dogs used to have free run of the yard but Dad built the inside gate to keep the dogs away from the pool so they don't fall in and drown (if you ask Mom and me) and to keep them from constantly barking through the far fence at the dogs next door (if you ask Dad).

We have people working on our pool right now. When they first came last week, my sister was the only one home and told them to use the gate that goes into the main backyard and not the one that goes into the dog area. If the used the one going into the dog area they would have to go through two gates not one and they would probably let the dogs out.

This morning I woke up at 6:30 to my mother "They let the dogs out!" Fortunately, the bichons have a tendency to run right to the front door when they get out and jump up-and-down barking at it rather like "Look at me! I'm on an adventure! Now let me back it." Ginger, on the other hand, likes to explore the entire neighborhood. Mom hollered at my sister and I to get us up to help chase Ginger but the pool guys got her and brought her back. They then said they were a different crew and had no idea the dogs were there and hadn't been told anything about the gates so they had tried to come through the gate into the dogs' area. When Mom told them to use the other one they said it would be so much easier on them if they could use the one on the dog side (Why? Both gates go from the front yard to the back yard). So the dogs are locked inside and I have to take them out occasionally on leashes. Not to mention I fell asleep around 7:30 after the 6:30 excitement died down and just woke up again at 10:00, which is unbelievably late. I can tell today is going to be such a productive day.

And because I can't help being random: my sister crashed her motorcycle yesterday. She was at alight where two lanes turn left and she thought the car next to her was coming into her lane so she jumped the curb to get away from the car. She said later she probably overreacted. Dad went out to make sure the motorcycle was OK but somebody had called it into 911 as basically "someone on a motorcycle was in an accident and got ran off the road" so before Dad and Katrina got going again three cop cars and an ambulance showed up. The cops had to take all her information and the ambulance crew had to check her for a concussion, examine her helmet for signs of damage, take her blood pressure and other vital signs, and examine the tiny little scrape she got on her leg. She's fine and the bike is fine so talk about an over reaction.

And I went shopping yesterday and saw the cutest little dress. I hardly ever wear dresses, I've always been too much of a Tomboy, but I tried it on and I looked so adorable (if I do say so myself) in it that I had to buy it. My sister's finace started joking we should check the weather reports because Rachael willing wearing a dress probably didn't mean Hell had actually frozen over but they might be getting some snow down there. Helpful.


What's Taters, Precious?
mrstater at 4:56 pm on 04 June 2007 (UTC) (Link)
I feel you on mornings getting off to weird starts. This morning I woke to bright sunlight and thought, "It's not normally this light at 6." Then I looked at the clock. It was flashing nonsense symbols. Apparently the power went out in the night, but it didn't look like it had rained, so I'm not sure there was actually a storm. Anyway I overslept by an hour, which was okay really, it just put me behind on drinking coffee, which is necessary for me to get my day started.

You need to do a dress picspam!
bratty_jedi at 7:15 pm on 04 June 2007 (UTC) (Link)
Sorry your morning didn't go so well. My day has yet to improve. When the pool guys finished and left, they apparently went out the gate we wanted them to use all along and didn't latch it. I checked to make sure the two gates on the dog side were latched and let the dogs out. When my sister got home, she went out to look at the pool to see if it looked like the guys did a good job. The dogs followed her into the main part of the back yard and then got out through the fence we didn't know was open. We had to chase Ginger down again. Joy.

You need to do a dress picspam!
I'll work on that. Maybe I can convince my sister to take a picture of me this evening.

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