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Stack of Books
Posted on Wednesday 9 May 2007 at 11:10 pm

IRD - Not on my good side

This summer, I am working for the Institute of Reading Development, the same organization for which I worked last summer. Basically, I spend all summer driving to various cities and teaching level appropriate reading skills (from basic phonics to speed reading) to everyone from age 4 to adult. It is grueling, stressful, and a lot of fun. Next week, Monday through Friday, I am doing distance retraining. The purpose is to teach the changes in the curriculum to returning teachers. Each day of retraining, I will be reading books and watching DVDs that are similar to the ones that will be given to students and parents this summer, completing online quizzes to prove I have done all that, and having phone conferences with a trainer and other trainees. Joy of joys.

Before training begins on Monday, I was supposed to have about 9 hours of reading to accomplish. The materials for this training were supposed to be mailed to me and I was beginning to panic this morning when the shipment had not yet arrived. It finally got here late this afternoon. I have yet to open the boxes and plan to do half the stuff tomorrow morning and the other half on Friday. I got an email from my trainer tonight. She wants an update as to what tasks I have completed and an agenda for any uncompleted tasks to assure her that I will complete them by 5:00 pm Friday (even though training doesn't begin until Monday morning). She also said that the prior 9 hour estimate was based on reading the first two chapters of a novel and I now should read the entire novel.

I wrote a mildly snarky email back saying that I just received their shipment late today and would get the stuff done tomorrow and Friday. I think I said "just got it this afternoon" about three times in two sentences.

Do these people not realize that I have a life outside of their training and they need to show some consideration, especially when I am not technically on their clock? I am taking a motorcycle course this weekend, it is Mother's Day on Sunday, and I have a fanfic to write. Come on now!
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littlepixiechic at 9:54 pm on 10 May 2007 (UTC) (Link)
Wow, that's pretty late if the stuff just got to you! I hope they don't expect you to do all your stuff by 5 tomorrow when you JUST go the stuff. They totally deserved a snarky email.

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