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Lupin Tonks Moon
Posted on Friday 27 April 2007 at 3:48 pm

My Friday in lists

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Things I have done thus far today:

  1. volunteered at elementary school for the last time this year. The kids were so cute. The class gave me a card and some candy and a William and Mary water bottle and then they rehearsed their scene from the pageant the school is doing next week so that I could see it

  2. returned some borrowed books to my friends at school. The rest of the borrowed books are in my office because I could not find those friends on campus today

  3. tracked down Scott (my comps professor who had to leave orals early) and got him to sign the paper saying I passed

  4. turned in the paper with all the signatures saying I passed comps

  5. ran by the school pharmacy and picked up enough drugs to last the entire time I'll be home

  6. got soaking wet walking around campus when it was pouring down rain

  7. went to the bowling alley and got one of the two balls they promised me six months ago because they didn't give me the ball I paid for over a year ago. They are still working on getting the second ball, but at least I now have one Star Wars bowling ball!

  8. return a couple loads of library books

  9. clean out car.

Things I still need to do today:

  1. return a couple loads of library books

  2. pack

  3. clean out fridge

  4. vacuum

  5. clean out car

  6. print boarding passes for flights home tomorrow.

Things I want to do for the rest of the day:

  1. take a hot bath

  2. curl up on my bed with a blanket

  3. take a nap

  4. read a novel.

Does anyone else see a problem here?

Also, does anyone want to start a pool as to whether I shall get delayed in the Atlanta airport yet again? Feel free to guess yes or no and length of delay if you think yes.

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