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Tonks - Confused
Posted on Wednesday 25 April 2007 at 12:35 pm

DVDs, Queens, and Knees

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DVDs: After more help from kileaiya than she probably realizes, I think I've finally managed to make a few DVD copies of just the two Donald Duck WWII cartoons that I want to give my friends for their discussion classes. At least, I've got a couple copies that play on my laptop. Hopefully they'll work on other laptops or even on real DVD players, but I can't test that theory since my DVD player is not working and my roomie is currently using her TV in the living room. I am quite pleased that I've been able to finally get this working. Thanks Jo Jo.

Queens (well, just one): I am going home to Texas on Saturday. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II (as the email from the school president put it) will be at my college here in Virginia next Friday. Isn't that a bummer? I'm gonna miss the queen!

Knees: I am sure I have arthritis in my knees. They have a tendency to randomly ache, but the pain is usually at its worst when I have been active more than usual or when the weather changes. I usually go hiking for at least five miles at least once a month and walk for at last half-an-hour every day. This helps keep my knees from getting stiff and thus cuts down on the pain overall as well as just being something I enjoy. During the past few months of comps mania, I have largely been sitting on my rear studying and have not walked/hiked very much at all. Last night I went to play mini golf with my friends and was rather giddy about being done so I had a grand old time climbing on the fake rocks, taking off my shoes and splashing in the little creek, and generally bouncing around. My knees did not appreciate all this after my being so sedentary for so long. They had been aching a little bit all evening but then rather suddenly the pain spiked late last night and became rather unbearable. As in I was standing in my bedroom doorway talking to my roomie in the living room when it suddenly happened and I had to lean on the door knob and the threshold for support and just stand there cussing for a few minutes because my knees hurt so much I could not walk at all. After a few minutes, the pain subsided a bit or I just became more accustomed to it and I was able to hobble around enough to take a hot bath and then slather my knees with icy hot. They are doing much better today, but I am rather worried. They have never hurt anywhere near that much.


lady_bracknell at 5:37 pm on 25 April 2007 (UTC) (Link)
On the knee front, have you tried arnica? Here you can get it either as a gel (which you put on as a thick layer and then wait for it to soak in), or as a bath soak (which you...soak in). It's great for bruising, but apparantly it's downright brilliant for arthritis, the bonus being you can apply it as often as the pain recquires.

Hope it eases up soon :).
bratty_jedi at 5:48 pm on 25 April 2007 (UTC) (Link)
Thanks. I have never heard of this arnica stuff. I shall have to look into it. This is why I love LJ: I can post about any problem and it always seems at least one person on the flist will have a great suggestion or two. :)
lady_bracknell at 5:55 pm on 25 April 2007 (UTC) (Link)
You might have to try a health food or alternative remedy type place - to find it in a cream is quite common, but the percentage of actual arnica is so low, you might as well just put on a normal body lotion. Over here, they sell it on QVC (I buy it for my nan in bulk, lol).

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