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Posted on Thursday 12 April 2007 at 9:34 am

Family news and tech question

My cousins turned five a few days ago. There is a news article about it here. If you are confused as to why a fifth birthday warrants media attention, it is because these particular six cousins of mine were born at the same time. Sextuplets are increasing in frequency with the increased use of fertility treatments, but they are still rare enough to create media frenzies.

This article includes a montage of photographs from the pregnancy and the first few months of the sextuplets' lives accompanied by Sondra (the mother) talking about it all and two videos about the kids now, again complete with Sondra telling you about them (links under the picture on the article). My technical question: does anyone know how I can capture the two videos? They won't be online forever and my mom wants permanent copies of them. I've never messed with video on the net, so I am clueless but assured mom that if I asked on my LJ someone would probably be able to tell me what to do.

EDIT: In case you are curious, looking at the picture from the news article, from left to right the kids are Sean, Melissa, Ethan, Grant, Danielle, and Jaycie.
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