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Lego - Harry Potter
Posted on Saturday 10 February 2007 at 3:03 pm

My Harry Potter Fan Fic Quotes Meme

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Ganked from jdbracknell and mrstater among others. I promise I'll get around to posting my $0.02 on y'all's quote selections later today.

The Rules: Consider each story you've written, and find a line or short paragraph from each that you're particularly proud of, or feel best represents the fic or the character who said it. Post the results in your journal and see if your readers agree.

These are in roughly chronological order. I've got a lot of drabbles and it was very difficult deciding what to do with them. On some of the longer stories, I selected passages that are longer than the entirety of the drabbles. I finally decided to limit myself to one or two sentences from anything shorter than 500 words. Man, was that a bad idea and made for some very tough decisions!

Meeting the Headmaster

"Now that the introductions and pleasantries are behind us, let us move forward to the real reason you are here. I usually find it best to confront matters directly so you will pardon me for not mincing words." Remus felt his heart stop at the professor's words. He quickly glanced at his parents, both of whom were on the edges of their seats and had apparently ceased breathing. The headmaster spoke to Remus' parents, seemingly ignoring the boy. "From your owls, I have ascertained that you desire that your son attend Hogwarts beginning this term but are uncertain he will be allowed due to his lycanthropy and the danger this poses to himself, the other students, and the faculty." Remus' parents nodded woodenly. "What I have not been able to discover from our previous communications is Remus' thoughts on the matter."

Those friendly eyes again turned toward him. "Remus," the professor began, "do you want to attend Hogwarts?"

Boys' Night Out

"James." He got no reaction. "James," he repeated more forcefully. His friend finally looked at him. "I can't control the wolf. The only way this will work is if you guys control him. You can't let me out of here unless you are willing to do whatever it takes to keep the wolf from hurting anyone. And if it means I can roam the forest with you three, you can transfigure right now and I'll sharpen those prongs of yours myself. Besides, I think Sirius caused more damage when he intercepted me in midair."

Sirius shrugged unapologetically. James glanced between them and then gave one brief nod. "Yeah, well, I'd rather use the antlers to throw Snivellus," he said with a sneer.

"Now there is a benefit to all this I hadn't considered." Sirius was thoughtful, which usually meant trouble. "How can we best get Snivellus?"

"Maybe I can sneak into the Slytherian common room and spy on him," Peter offered.

"Maybe," Sirius agreed. "I'll have to think about it. But right now our primary mission seems to have been achieved. Remus isn't nearly as mopey this morning as he usually is right after the full moon."

"I'm not mopey!" he protested. "I'm just tired and sore."

"Mopey," James countered. "And moody. We don't need a lunar calendar to know when it is your time of the moon."

Peter began to chant in a singsong voice. "Mopey, moody, moony! Mopey, moody, moony!" The plump boy danced around the room.

"Shut up, you three!" he shouted as the other two joined Peter. "Anyway, hadn't you better leave before they come to fetch me?"

Tripping Up

He sipped his tea rather than respond. "Dumbledore is unsure when we will need to go get Harry and has asked Mad-Eye and I to be in charge of those plans since Harry knows us," he finally said. She looked at him in surprise. Did he know she had just been thinking about Moody? "That was discussed before you arrived," he explained half apologetically, misinterpreting the reason for her look.

"Oh." She had almost forgotten that she had been late in addition to her clumsy entrance.

"Would you care to join the planning committee?" he asked.

She was very tempted by his offer but not if it came from pity. "Why?" she asked.

"From the things I know about you, I believe your skills regarding disguises, flying, defensive spells, and your general attitude would be a welcome addition to the team."

"Sounds good," she said and stuck out her arm. He shook her proffered hand.

Nymph, in thy orisons be all my sins remember'd.

He stared at the spot where she had been for several moments, pondering the odd conversation. Why had he wanted to console her when she was merely pretending to be upset? Why had he felt so happy at the sound of her laugh? He was acting like… "Merlin, help me," he whispered to the empty room. He could not be falling for Tonks!

Buns at Breakfast

P.S. Cute bum!

Getting Her Man

The inevitable happened. She tripped, sending the tray, the food, and even the wine on the table, all over him.


Both felt their cheeks grow warm as they blushed. Neither noticed the other's reaction or the grin Sirius sported.

Sparks to Flames

He could feel her breath on his palm. "How long are we going to keep playing this game?" she asked.

"What game?" he whispered as he began to stroke his thumb over her cheek in time to her motions on his hand.

"The one where we keep dancing around what we really want to say." She licked her lips before adding, "what we really want to do."

A Merry Auld Christmas

Before Sirius could react, everything went dark as something hot, heavy, and furry settled on his head and fell down over his eyes. He reached up and ripped the offending item from his head and was not surprised to find that it was a Father Christmas hat. Its unmistakable pink color was slightly more unexpected.

He pushed the library door open fully. Tonks was still on her hands and knees in front of Remus. Their lips were locked and he was slowly running his hands up-and-down her arms and over her shoulders. Sirius slipped into the room and closed the door behind him. He threw the Father Christmas hat at them, causing them to finally break their kiss.

Portrait of a Soul

Her jaw worked soundlessly for a moment before she finally asked in breathless awe, "Is that me?"

"Of course," he said as he moved to stand beside her to properly look at the portrait in her hands. Tonks sat at the table in the kitchen of Grimmauld Place. The flames flickering in the fireplace behind her, gave her a soft glow as she leaned back in her chair and smiled or laughed softly, with the occasional yawn thrown in for good measure.

The real Tonks ran a tentative finger across the brown hair on the image. "With my natural hair?"

The nervous fluttering intensified and his hands began to feel clammy. This was the worrying part of the present. "Yes."

"But I look so lovely here. I never look that lovely, especially not with my boring old hair," she appeared to be truly confused.

"Do you remember when you worked triple Order and Auror shifts in a row? You came to headquarters to report at the end of the last Order shift and were so tired you couldn't even morph." She nodded encouragingly, glancing back and forth between him and the portrait she still held. "You sat in the kitchen for a while and we chatted, but you kept complaining about how bad you looked. I found an artist who can do portraits from Pensieve memories." He swallowed hard before finishing his explanation, "I wanted you to see how beautiful you look to me."

By Any Other Name

"Harry Flooed to ask Sirius about James," he continued. "I don't think it ever occurred to him to ask me. Sirius is his godfather and Harry should be closer to Sirius than to me, but I'm still jealous of how close they've become. Harry confides in Sirius and turns to him for advice, while I remain Professor Lupin, good for research and answers to defense questions, but little else. Harry has to ask the godfather he barely knows, a man who spent twelve years in Azkaban for a crime he never committed, to tell him about the father and mother he never knew, and all I can think about is what I've lost. I've had more time with Harry than Sirius has had, more even than James and Lily did, and all I can think about are the opportunities that I lost with him. With all of them, really."

The crackling flames filled the room with a merry warmth that did nothing to dispel his gloom. Remus watched in silence as a log in the back collapsed in a sudden shower of sparks.

Just as suddenly, and more explosively, Tonks' voice filled the kitchen. "Bollocks!"

Finding the Will

"We have to find it," he finally said.

She rubbed his arm comfortingly. "We will. My dad always said the best motivation is knowing you have no other option. We have to find it so we will find it."

He smiled in spite of himself. "We will find a will, Nymphadora?"

"Yeah," she said, the corners of her lips curving upwards to mirror his slight grin.

He looked at her for another moment and then sighed deeply. "Lets get started."

They were on their third bookshelf when he stopped, staring at the dry and cracked book in his hands. "Did you find it?" she asked.

"No," he tried to whisper but he was uncertain the sound got beyond his lips.

She peered closely at the book in his hands. "Oh, Remus," she said in response to the title: The Animagus Spell: Myth and Mystery. She of course knew the basics of the story of the Marauders.

Quitting Cold Turkey

Knowing he was treading the path to her eventual salvation and his damnation, he did the only thing he could for the one he loved.


You can’t keep living like this, but you can’t do anything about it. If you cut it, you’re admitting defeat. Admitting you’re not going to be getting your ability to morph back anytime soon. Admitting he’s not coming back anytime soon.

Helping Hands

Remus: Don't take this the wrong way, but you're dead. Both of you. (muttering with slow realization) This has to be a dream.

Sirius: Nonsense. If this were a dream, it wouldn't hurt when I do this (punches Remus' arm).

Remus: Uh, actually that didn't hurt.

Sirius: Then I guess we are a dream. Fancy that.

James: Which means we're just your subconscious, so no harm in listening to us.

Remus: If I had sickle for every time I got in trouble after one of you told me there would be no harm in listening to you, I would have more than the entirety of the Malfoy and Black fortunes combined.

Sirius (pouting): That hurts, Remus. We come all the way from the Great Beyond just to chat with our old mate and you insult us.

Remus (not sounding at all sorry): Forgive me. Now could you please tell me what you want so I can go back to sleep?

James: Didn't we decide you're dreaming? You are asleep.

Remus: You know what I mean, Prongs!

James: Right. We want to talk about Tonks.

Just An Ordinary Week. This excerpt is fromTuesday but the story starts on Saturday

"Me, too. I'm just sorry I wasn't here sooner. What happened anyway? All Kingsley said was that you were hurt and I needed to get home."

"Death Eaters burned some Muggle flats and I had to run into the fire to get a little girl. I got burned in the process," she explained too calmly without looking at him.

He looked at her suspiciously. "What are you not telling me?"

"That's it. There will probably be some scarring across my stomach and the Healers are still worried there was something special in the fire but I'm fine and that's all there is to it."

Unshed tears were shining in eyes that pleaded with him not to push for more information. He brushed a single, stray teardrop from her cheek with his thumb. He searched her face for any hint to help explain her reluctance to share whatever it was with him. "Its war, Remus," she said with a sigh, "and for once no one died. Can't we just be happy with that?"

Whisper of a Touch

His eyebrows quirked upwards and he frowned at her intimation. "Me? Late?" He snorted. "Never."

"Forgive me," she said while rolling her eyes. Only Remus would be affronted by the mere suggestion that he might not arrive someplace on time. "I should have known you were more likely to be causing trouble than to be late."


With every step, he told her exactly how horrid the wet sand felt clumping beneath his feet, exactly how cold were his toes. She laughed and smiled while he grimaced and silently thanked anyone who would listen for the stubbornness of the woman by his side.

Chocolate-Covered Tonks

It was his turn to stare owlishly at her. "Gravity?" he repeated.

"Gravity," she echoed firmly. "I bumped the cocoa tin with my elbow and gravity took over from there."

"I see," he said, despite his confusion. "And what did you expect to happen?"

"Who knows?" she asked with a casual shrug. She tried to smile innocently at him but could not conceal the impish gleam in her sparkling eyes. "Don't you think gravity deserves some time off after a few millennia of pulling things toward the ground? Maybe it could have taken a break long enough for me to grab the floating tin."

Remus bit even harder on his lip to keep from laughing at her earnest expression, mildly surprised that he did not draw blood. He placed his hands behind his back and adopted a deeper lecturing tone of voice. "Ms. Tonks, are you attempting to convince me that you are not responsible for this mess due to gravity working overtime?"

Through Anger to Forgiveness

She considered his words for a long time. "I guess it's only fair for you to know why you're in trouble. It's a list of all the times you've upset me."

His blank look prompted her to elaborate. "It started as a list of things you did to annoy me when I was trying to convince myself that I really wasn't interested in you. But each time I found something, you would later apologize or do something to make up for it and I had to scratch it off my list. After I gave up on the whole 'I don't like him' bit, I still kept up the list."

"Why are some things not crossed out?" he asked tentatively, uncertain if he should broach that subject but unable to stop himself. Today, curiosity was proving as deadly for werewolves as it usually was for cats.

She exploded, "Remus John Lupin, you know I never forgive anyone who insults you or hurts you. What makes you think you’re the exception to that? I don't care what you did to me but I know how much it hurt you when you decided you weren't good enough for me and gave up on us. I will always hate the noble prat who put the man I love through that much pain."

Everyone Else Was Doing It!

Remus turned to look at Tonks. "I suppose we should think about making our relationship a little more permanent."

Her head whipped around so fast he was surprised she didn't snap her neck. Her eyes were wide and he told himself it was excitement and joy making them sparkle, not the flickering candles floating over the dance floor. He suspected he might have been right because it was definitely a hint of concern, worry that she had misunderstood him, that made her eyes crinkle at the corners and prevented her from giving full vent to the happiness.

"What do you mean by that?" Her voice was flooded with the same delight tinged by hesitation.

He chuckled. "I should think that was obvious."

"Spell it out for me."

"That could be a problem. I never was very good at spelling."

Pick a Color!


Her hair morphed to a light lilac. "Well?" she asked.

"I think it's good for the room, but, darling, it looks terrible on you," he said laughing.


He secretly loved the way she would intrude into his habits since their relationship itself was one of the few pleasant surprises of his life.

The Great Shrivelfig Caper

"I see how this works," she grumbled, the smile playing at the corner of her mouth belying her words and tone as she quickly scanned the room. "I'm slinking around in the cold and rain, spying on the bad guys, and making plans, while you're lounging by the fire and leaving your stuff scattered everywhere."

"Oh well," he said, his tone light while his eyes quickly scanned her for any sign of new injuries. "You're the Auror. I decided to just leave things to the expert."

Tonks cocked her head to one side. "If I'm the Auror," she asked in a voice of innocent curiosity, "what's that make you? The damsel in distress?"

"I'll show you who's a damsel," Remus said as he pulled her in for a rough kiss that was interrupted by a weak "Ew."


Faded jeans just beginning to show a few tears and holes that hinted at the Marauder spirit he always maintained.

Their Father's Children: Papa and Dillon

Harry reached out with a finger and gently lifted his son's chin so they were once again looking at each other. "What's bothering you, Dill?" he asked gently.



"I'm not sure I can explain it, Papa."

Dillon's mournful plea made Harry want to cheer. At least Dillon was now admitting something was wrong. Even if Harry did not yet know exactly what that something was, this was progress. "Why don't you try?"

"I'm not sure you'll understand."

Harry ruffled Dillon's hair, making the unruly black mop even wilder than before. "Again, why don't you try?"

Dillon pulled his head away from his father's hand. He sat in silence, chewing his lower lip and looking anywhere but at his father. Harry could do nothing but wait while his son struggled to make up his mind. Dillon finally broke the silence so suddenly Harry was a bit surprised. "I don't want to be Harry Potter's son," the words practically exploded from the distraught child.

That's all. Please do let me know what you think of my choices. Some were very tough and some were automatic.
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