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So the subject is a slight deception. I don't really have any fic news as in information on new fics or the like. I've had a one-shot 3/4 written for over two weeks and can't find the time to sit down and finish it. My comps are going to kill me. No time for fic writing and I've still only managed as much sleep in the last three days combined as I usually get in one night. I just want it to be mid April.

I do have pseudo-fic news:
I've moved some challenge fics to my LJ as I'm wont to do and added them to my lists of fics (see sidebar links). The first of the added fics was originally for the Christmas challenge at metamorfic_moon and the others were for rt_challenge
Also, Everyone Else Was Doing It! was just recced at thegoldenseeker and I'm tickled about that.

And DarkElectra has been translating my stories into Italian to share them with more members of the global Harry Potter community. She'd previously done Chocolate-Covered Tonks (a.k.a. my Nymphadora of the Week story) and has recently completed Tripping Up and Nymph, in thy orisons be all my sins remember'd. I really appreciate all the hard work she's putting into this and anyone who can read Italian can find those translations here.

On a slightly related note, remus_recs has issued a challenge to all Remus fanfic writers and readers to embrace their pet peeves. Everyone's been asked to consider writing a story that uses her (or his) own pet peeves in a manner that doesn't bother. Or to recommend stories that show common peeves in a positive light. Because I'm always up for trying to rethink my assumptions, question my own biases, etc., I did this a while ago. My very first Harry Potter story was written, in part, to try to explain to myself the scarred!Remus that I saw in the PoA movie and in a lot of fanfic and that I didn't understand or like. For all interested parties, the challenge post, my explanation for why I chose so long ago to write a fic embracing one of my own peeves, and a lot of people suggesting excellent stories that utilize peeves in such a wonderful way that it turns them into joys rather than annoyances can be found here. My MWPP story with scarred!Remus, Boys' Night Out, can be found here.
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