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Posted on Friday 2 February 2007 at 5:07 pm

Nap Time

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I've not been sleeping well lately. Between staying up way too late working on my book lists in general, trying to go to bed but tossing and turning due to panic that I'm behind and haven't got enough done, and the occasional days of too much caffeine buzzing through my system, I've probably been averaging three to five hours of sleep a night for a couple of weeks. I am not normally one of those people that can operate on no sleep. I need my eight hours.

I went to bed at 3:30 this morning, after staying up to watch my Spurs get their butts kicked (poop), and got up at 8:00 so I could volunteer at the elementary school. They were fun, though the silly teacher had me working with a bunch who are having problems telling time. If it is 4:55, for example, they are all having the problem that they think it is 5:55 because the hour hand is closer to the 5. When they can remember which is the minute and which the hour hand anyway. Yeah. I flunked the section on telling time in second grade for that same reason. I still have trouble with it, which is why I usually only look at digital clocks. So I spent twenty minutes trying to teach a bunch of 7 to 8-year-olds a concept I understand in theory but can't really do in practice. Things did not go so well.

After that, I was exhausted. I came home, put dinner in the crock pot, and forced my way through a book on my reading list. It took forever because I could not focus. So I finally gave up and took a nap. I usually only take naps when I'm sick, but today I just crashed. I slept for 3 or 4o hours and just woke up. Unfortunately, it is now 5:00 and I still want to get through three more books today. Fortunately, the sweet potato and pork Cuban style stew I put in the crock pot has been cooking all this time and is making the entire apartment smell wonderful. It should be done in another two hours or so. Maybe I can get through a book before dinner.
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(Anonymous) at 2:40 am on 07 February 2007 (UTC) (Link)

Telling Time

Ok so if you get this it is your friendly teacher from SA with a tip on how to tell time. Tell yourself and kids "If it's in the middle go little" When the minute hand gets to the 6 for 30 it moves the hour hand between two numbers. So if it is in between 6 and 7 you will know it is 6:30 because...."If it's in the middle go little".... gotta get back to work

bratty_jedi at 3:19 am on 07 February 2007 (UTC) (Link)

Re: Telling Time

Emmers! You're alive! :)

I'll keep that in mind and give it a shot if we do any more work with time.

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