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Lego - Harry Potter
Posted on Tuesday 30 January 2007 at 1:24 pm

Mad Coding Skillz

I've been playing around with some new CSS codes to see what all I can do with livejournal layouts. I don't have a layout in mind, I'm just trying to develop more skills so when I want to do another layout for me or if someone else wants help with a layout, I'll have a wider range of options. My most recent project has been two-fold.

1) creating the illusion of transparent entries.

2) coding for specific browsers.

The reason I am trying to learn these two together is that IE6 or below and Opera6 or below are incapable of rendering the first one correctly so I have to code things just for them (and exclude them from the effect). Assuming I've done everything correctly, anyone currently viewing my test page using IE6 or Opera6 and below will see a grey box behind the entries with the text "This webpage is not compatible with IE6 and Opera6. Might I suggest you upgrade?" to the left of the userpic, under the entry subject. All other major browsers should see the entries as if they are printed on a piece of vellum floating over the background.

Check it out and let me know what you think of the effect (and what you see depending on your browser if you aren't using IE6 or FireFox since those are the two I can test it on). Is this technique something I should pursue? Any ideas for layouts incorporating this? Oh, since I don't have any intention of currently using this specific layout and was just goofing, I know there are issues (specifically none of the calendar pages or the post reply page have the correct backgrounds applied to them) but there should still be enough for you to get the full-effect of what I'm trying to achieve. If I, or anyone else, ever decide to use this, I'll finish all the details then.

And if you care, the color scheme of the tester layout, with a few minor deviations is:
Text - Hufflepuff - Yellow (on dark) and Black (on light)
Links - Ravenclaw - Blue (on dark) and Bronze (on light)
Headers - Gryffindor - Gold (on dark) and Red (on light)
Metadata/Tags/Userpic - Slytherin - Silver (on dark) and Green (on light)
Feeling: geeky
Listening: Hang Up and Drive - Ray Stevens


kileaiya at 10:08 pm on 30 January 2007 (UTC) (Link)
I quite like it! It's a neat effect. It's an awesome layout regardless but would be really cool for a Harry Potter comm. :)
bratty_jedi at 10:18 pm on 30 January 2007 (UTC) (Link)
Thanks. It is a neat effect.

the one problem with using it on a community (other than I don't run any) is the browser compatibility issues. Of course, I could just put more work into making it look better on the non complex spiral (that's the "name" of the effect) browsers rather than giving my snotty little "update your browser" message.
(Anonymous) at 5:37 pm on 31 January 2007 (UTC) (Link)

Translations report

Hi, here's DarkElectra talking. Sorry for being lately disappeared but, you know, real life sometimes takes over. Nevertheless, I've been translating, and I posted on Efp "Tripping Up" and "Nymph, in thy orisons be all my sins remember'd" (by the way, really nice quote...where did you get it from?). Ok. You can find them at "http://www.efpfanfic.net/viewuser.php?uid=18990". Goodbye!
bratty_jedi at 11:21 pm on 03 February 2007 (UTC) (Link)

Re: Translations report


I certainly know how it goes with real life. I've been overwhelmed lately. Thanks so much for translating these.

The "Nymph in the orisons" quote is from William Shakespeare's Hamlet.

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