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Lego - Harry Potter
Posted on Friday 12 January 2007 at 7:28 pm

Deathly Hallows Meme

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Here's my 5 galleons (the word document was about 5 pages so that should certainly be worth more than 2 cents or knuts or whatevers) worth of theories on Deathly Hallows. Thanks again to the Queen of Memes, gilpin25, for compiling all this.

1. Are you going to look at every possible spoiler you can before the book comes out? Did you with HBP and how accurate were the ones you saw?
When it comes to Star Wars books, I read every spoiler I can find. When it comes to Harry Potter, I totally prefer being unspoiled. Unfortunately due to my general internet addiction, I knew about Sirius and Dumbledore (and Snape) before OotP or HBP. I’ve never known about anything beyond those points and would love to be completely unspoiled for the last one. Of course, without leaving on berries in a cave in the woods for about 3 months prior to the books’ release, I’m not certain that will be possible.

2. What will you do if Amazon (or whoever;) don’t deliver your copy on time, and everyone is reading it except you?
My plan is to reserve it at a store and go to a midnight release. That is what I did for HBP. I had the book in my hot little mitts by 12:30 am and finished it and went to sleep at about 6:00 am.

If for some reason I order it online and it doesn’t arrive in time, I’ll go to a store, get a new copy, and just return the mailed one when it arrives. If there is some major disaster and no book store in my area has any, I will probably be preoccupied enough with the disaster that it won’t matter. No. Wait. That’s not possible. If no book store in my area has any and I can’t get my hands on a copy for any reason, I’ll scream very loudly.

3. Will you read the last chapter before anything else? Are you planning to read the book all in one go or are you a slow reader?
I’ll start at page one and put the book down when I reach page the last. Then I’ll go back to page one and read to page the last at a slightly slower pace. Then, in all honesty, I’ll probably start at page one of P/SS and read at a still slightly slower pace to page the last of DH.

4. What’s your theory on the meaning of “Deathly Hallows?”
I’m leaning toward a connection to the Founders. Be it the artifacts of the Founders that Voldie has Horcuxified (Look at me! Making up words!) or other artifacts that somehow have special powers/aspects of the Founders’ personalities embedded in them/whatever. I don’t like the idea of it just being the Horcruxes. We already have a name for them. They are Horcruxes. They do not need a new name of Deathly Hallows. I also don’t like the idea of it being the place beyond the veil. That just doesn’t appeal to me. I’m undecided about spirits of any shape, form, or fashion.

5. What’s the craziest Harry Potter theory you’ve got, which you could only share with your trusted f-list?
Building off my last answer, which is in part built off a conversation with jdbracknell, I think it would be very cool if the Founders’ had created something similar to, but not exactly like, the Riddle Diary. Something that would contain their personalities, but without the nasty killing and soul-splitting aspects of the Horcruxes. We already know from the Marauder’s Map and the Sorting Hat that something like this could be theoretically possible. What I haven’t decided is if I want these to be artifacts on their own that could possibly be the Deathly Hallows or if I want Voldie to have unknowingly made his Horcruxes out of these artifacts and the aspects of the Founders’ personalities embedded in the items are working from the inside to defeat the bits of Voldie’s soul. I know. I’m nuts. I just really want the Hallows to somehow tie in with the Founders and I think it would be so cool if Harry had to ask Remus for more information about how the Marauder’s put their personalities into the map to get ideas for using the Founders’ stuff and defeating Voldie and his Horcruxes (Remus/Marauder!fangirl sqwee!)

6. If you could write in a sub-plot of your own choosing to the main Harry one, what would it be?
I would like to see the involvement of more of the magical community. We’ve had flashes of the centaurs, the goblins, the giants, etc. I want to really get them involved in the war. Or even Charlie and the continental connections he’s supposedly been working on. I just want something to make the war bigger than this isolated community of witches and wizards on an island (no offense to Britain!). I’ve actually got decently high hopes that I’ll get something of what I want. I just don’t know if it will be as big of a sub-plot as I kind of want it to be.

7. Who do you think will die in the book, and who would you be most upset to see die, even if you don’t think it’s likely?
At least one Weasley should bite the dust if she wants to keep it real. Same thing with a member of the Order and possibly a Hogwarts’ professor depending on how the battles play out.

EDIT: I suppose I should have mentioned bad guys, as well. Definitely dead are Bellatrix, Greyback, Wormtail, Voldie, and Snape (if you want to classify him as a bad guy).

Obviously, I don’t want Remus and Tonks to die. That would kill me. Especially if it’s one without the other, but even both would still kill me.

8. Name three main (ish) characters who you think will definitely live and why. Is there a very minor character(s) you really want to have a happy ending?
Harry - the only reason she has ever given for killing him is preventing someone (including herself) from doing something with him later. Supposedly obvious and permanent death has never prevented fictionalized characters from being resurrected, so that’s a flimsy argument for killing him. There just isn’t a good reason to end with the death of the hero unless she does some major setting up for that moment and foreshadowing it as necessary throughout DH.

Remus – there has to be a Marauder standing at the end. There just has to be. And he is the only good choice left. So he’ll live. Or I’ll curl up in a little ball and cry. Despite the fact that I’ve never cried over a book, movie, etc. in my life. (Side note: if he lives, Tonks lives. JKR loves Remus and created Tonks to make him happy because he has had too much misery in his life. She won’t kill Tonks and leave Remus alone now).

Minerva McG - someone has to rebuild Hogwarts (figuratively or literally).

I’ve got to agree with jdbracknell and mrstater, in that I have a certain fondness for Aberforth and his goats. I’d like to see them live happily ever after. For a new answer, I also wouldn’t mind seeing a happy ending for Firenze. He’s given up so much to help in the fight against Voldemort. He deserves some happiness once the battle’s over.

9. If you don’t like the book, or are bitterly disappointed by it, do you think you’ll still stay in the fandom?


10. One word (or concise) answers only!

I’ll be as concise as I can, but some require definitions or elaboration!

- Snape: good, evil, own agenda? Own agenda leaning toward good but Harry et al won’t realize that until after he’s dead!
- Bill: will he help Remus or just be on permanent honeymoon? Neither really. Maybe help Remus?
- Peter: a Gryffindor moment or not? Yeppers but for the wrong reasons.
- Harry: is he a Horcrux? No!
- The Weasley’s: will they all survive? No!
- If no to the above: who won’t? One parent, possibly one twin, and either Charlie or Percy.
- Did Snape love Lily: yay or nay! Nay.
- Hogwarts: will they go back to school or not? Assuming they is the trio and by school you mean attending classes as students not visiting the physical school grounds for other reasons, not.
- Remus and Tonks: will they get married in the book? Nope.
- Bellatrix: who will be her nemesis? I hope Neville.
- The new leader of the OotP is …? Moody.
- Percy: will he see the error of his ways or not? No. He’ll fight against Voldie but not admit he goofed.

Did that count as concise?

11. If Harry could take just one adult Order of the Phoenix member with him on the search for Horcruxes, who should it be and why?
I’ll join the chorus of votes that Bill is a reasonable choice. Moody is told old or he would be as well. They have the experience and expertise to help out in finding and destroying the Horcruxes. Well, no one except Harry and Dumbledore have experience finding and destroying Horcruxes, as far as I know, but close enough.

12. Will Remus and Greyback have a confrontation in human or werewolf form? Will Tonks be involved? Who will the other werewolves support?
I love the idea of Remus in werewolf form saving Tonks and killing Greyback. Don’t know if it will happen or not, but I love the idea!

If JKR is going for total reality, I think most of the werewolves will be like the dwarves in C. S. Lewis’ The Last Battle. They’ll decide both sides (Voldie/Greyback/the Death Eaters and Remus/the Wizarding World in general) have betrayed them and they won’t side with either. Dwarves for the Dwarves and Werewolves for the Werewolves! (Hopefully if you haven’t read The Last Battle that answer was still explained enough to make sense. If not, holler in a comment and I’ll try to elaborate.)

Is it odd that I just answered a question about werewolves by alluding to dwarves and called it total reality?

13. Who is the person from Harry’s class (and it isn’t him, Ron or Hermione), who will become a Hogwart’s teacher? What subject will they teach?
I suppose the most popular theory is Neville for Herbology and I could see that. I could also see Lavender Brown or Pavarti Patil for Divination.

14. Do you think Harry will observe Remus looking less lined and walking with a little more of a spring in his step? If so, do you think he'll attribute it to Tonks, and if he does, will he blush?
Yes, yes, and hopefully!

15. Will Ginny use, "But Professor Lupin saw the futility of being a noble prat!" for one of her million arguments with Harry about why they should be together? Do you think they’ll get back together at all?
If there are arguments, yes. I’m not convinced she’ll argue though. I think she might let him do his think, support him, and then chew him out a bit after the fact. At which point the parallels should still be raised. I think they will end up together.

16. Which house do you think Tonks is in, and why? Is she going to morph into someone important and who will it be?
I’m inclined toward not Ravenclaw or Gryffindor for a probably silly reason. She says “my head of house.” My assumption has always been that she says this because whoever was the head of her house is someone Harry does not know, other wise she would have just named the person. I’m assuming McG and Flitwick were heads of Ravenclaw and Gryffindor when she was at Hogwarts. I’m less certain Snape and Sprout were already heads of Slytherin and Hufflepuff so I would put her in one of those two. I’m not sure she’s ambitious enough for Slytherin. But that could be stereotyping of Slytherins on my part.

I’m not expecting her to morph into someone important. I won’t be completely blow-away/shocked if it happens, but I’m not anticipating it.

17. Who will be revealed to be the heir of Gryffindor?
Did I miss something where JKR said someone definitely would be or are we just assuming someone will be or we asking more in the sense of “If someone is revealed to be the heir of Gryffindor, who will it be?”

Regardless, I would lean toward any heir of Gryffindor being either Harry (through James) or Neville (through his mum’s side).

18. As JKR has promised the final chapter will be like an epilogue; how do you think the final paragraph (hopefully) donated to Remus’ future, and/or Tonks’, and/or anyone else you want to write a paragraph on, will read?
Too tired to write a paragraph in any appropriate form but: Remus and Tonks will get married and have lots and lots of multicolored werepups. Tonks will eventually become head of the Auror. Remus will either do odd bits of research/writing from home or will have a primary/prep school for his and Tonks’ kids, all the Weasley grandkids (Molly homeschooled her kids, but there will be too many grandkids for her to handle alone so she’ll babysit the youngest and he’ll teach the older, but still pre-Hogwarts, ones.), and any other kids that happen to be sent his way (e.g. Neville’s).

Harry and Ginny will get married and have lots and lots of kids. Harry will be an Auror and Ginny will play professional quidditch. Hermione and Ron will get married and have a couple, but not lots and lots, of kids. Hermione will work for the MoM in some capacity dealing with improving relations among magical beings of all types, though it will be a tough struggle and someone will have to knock some sense into her occasionally. I’m not sure what Ron will do but I would like it to be an occupation we’ve not really heard much about like running a Wizarding construction company. The Twins will continue to be uber-successful with their joke shop, and might get married but I really don’t care to whom. Kingsley for MoM, and he will put Arthur in charge of major and important changes/improvements in Muggle relations.

19. Which question from the books would it annoy you most not to have answered?
Singular? I have to pick one question?

I have multiple word documents (one for each book for the first three books) of every unanswered question I’ve been able to think of while rereading them (without referencing anything online and some of the questions are really mundane). As soon as I finish all the books, I plan to post them. For now, picking the broadest possible question to get me as much information as possible: what, exactly and in as much step-by-step detail as possible, happened from October 20, 1981 (around the time Sirius would have convinced the Potters to use Wormtail) to Nov. 2, 1981 and why did it all happen that way?

20. What do you think the last line of the book is?
Never again did he feel even a twinge of pain from his formerly-cursed scar.

No, I don’t want the physical scar to disappear.
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Wild Magelet
wildmagelet at 2:34 am on 13 January 2007 (UTC) (Link)
Your "crazy" theory doesn't sound too off-the-wall to me! It sounds pretty well thought out, actually. It'll be interesting to come back after the book release and see whose shot-in-the-dark had a hit.

I don't think the scar should disappear either. If the last word is scar and it is in relation to Harry, that would seem another point in his favour as far as survival goes. If the last sentence of the series is referencing the scarred forehead of a dead body, that's a little gruesome.
bratty_jedi at 2:41 am on 13 January 2007 (UTC) (Link)
Thanks :) I fully expect to be proven wrong. But that is one of the great things about these books. She gives us so much to think about and speculate over, and then gives us a reality that is generally more convoluted and better tied into the preceding clues (many of which we never realized were clues) than anything we came up with. But every once in a while... someone hits close to the mark, making all the speculation that much more fun!
lady_bracknell at 1:12 pm on 13 January 2007 (UTC) (Link)
I would like to see the involvement of more of the magical community.

Me too.

Y'know, something that's always troubled me is how few people/beings there are involved in all this. If JKR puts the wizarding community at approx 6000, there's all of them, then every moderately sized/self-important family has a house-elf, plus all those at Hogwarts, that's say (for argument's sake) at least 2000 house elves with pretty powerful magic at their disposal, there's a herd of centaurs in the Forbidden Forrest, a lake full of Merpeople, a whole cacophony of owls who seem super-intelligent, hippogriffs that could probably inflict a fair bit of damage, thestrals...and who's fighting the Death Eaters? A seventeen year old schoolboy?

Isn't it about time some of the rest of the magical community stood up and were counted?

It's always bothered me a bit how few people are in the Order of The Phoenix compared to the number of wizards in general, too - I've wondered if Dumbledore looked at wizarding talent in general and thought 98% of people were lacking the necessary skills, or if everybody else would just rather take their chances that Voldemort won't show up on their doorstep.
bratty_jedi at 2:26 pm on 13 January 2007 (UTC) (Link)
Absolutely on everything!

I know the books is focused on Harry, but at least in side-comments we should be able to tell there is much more going on. We've had very little of that in some of the OotP side deaths and the meeting with the Muggle PM at the start of HBP, but I want much more. There should be so many more people and groups of people involved.

As to the Order being so small, in OotP, it kind of makes sense. They are an underground organization, hiding as much from the legitimate government as from Voldemort. I suppose, to a degree, it is still that way in HBP. But what about the first war? The Order wasn't that much larger then, and I'm not so sure they were hiding in quite the same way. Maybe they were. Or maybe they are elite/special forces kind of warriors and most the population just can't do it. Which raises the question of what is so special about the background members we've never seen much and what was so special about MWPP and Lily that he let them in when they were barely out of school since they were obviously members before the prophecy marked the Potters as something special.
lady_bracknell at 3:56 pm on 13 January 2007 (UTC) (Link)
I've wondered if the Order are a bit like The Home Guard from WWII Britain - cobbled together from the most unlikely sources but surprisingly effective, or if they are more elite than that. It seems to me they're a real mixture - you've got the legendary (if nuts) Mad-Eye, Kingsley (who's presumably pretty kick ass, being an Auror and everything, and I liked his quick thinking in OoTP), and the Marauders, supposedly some of the greatest witches and wizards of their age, but then you've also got Dung, Aberforth, and Mrs Figg, who don't seem to have any lesser status or importance.

Is it just that these are the only witches and wizards with big enough balls to stand up and fight? Or do they opperate with the tacit approval (and perhaps even funding) of a wider community?
Raving Lunatic
molly_coddles at 4:54 pm on 13 January 2007 (UTC) (Link)
I’ll start at page one and put the book down when I reach page the last. Then I’ll go back to page one and read to page the last at a slightly slower pace. Then, in all honesty, I’ll probably start at page one of P/SS and read at a still slightly slower pace to page the last of DH.
That's exactly my plan as well! :D

Did I miss something where JKR said someone definitely would be I don't remember any promises of an Heir of Gryff either, but your answers seem logical if there is one.

I love that you have Word docs full of questions. I have a couple backed up on cd somewhere too.

Great answers, these are fun to read. :)
gilpin25 at 8:20 pm on 13 January 2007 (UTC) (Link)
I have multiple word documents (one for each book for the first three books) of every unanswered question I’ve been able to think of while rereading them (without referencing anything online and some of the questions are really mundane). As soon as I finish all the books, I plan to post them.

You know this is exactly what Hermione would do, don't you? ;) It's a brilliant idea actually, because while I was answering this I was desperately trying to think of things I've wanted the answers to and, of course, all but the most obvious escaped me.

I like your epilogue answers. And the last line. Hope they come true.
gilpin25 at 8:22 pm on 13 January 2007 (UTC) (Link)
I forgot to say that the heir of Gryffindor is on many sites as either "will" definitely be revealed in book 7, or JKR has "strongly hinted" will be. And we had a lot of Remus questions so I was trying to put a bit of variety in as well.
bratty_jedi at 12:17 am on 14 January 2007 (UTC) (Link)
Makes sense. I wouldn't be surprised by a mention of the heir of Gryffindor, I just don't think it is a given.
bratty_jedi at 12:17 am on 14 January 2007 (UTC) (Link)
I've been accused of being Hermione more than once. It doesn't bother me. The scary part is when I start cross referencing between books in my questions (like I'll add a footnote to a CoS question with something about "relates to pg. so-and-so of OotP which complicates the question in such-and-such a way). I'm weird. I know. I happily accepted that fact a long time ago.

I'm still holding out hope for happy endings for all my main canon couples!

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