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Title: Everyone Else Was Doing It!
Rating: All Audiences
Characters: Remus Lupin, N. Tonks, Fleur Delacour Weasley, Arthur Weasley, Molly Weasley, and Minerva McGonagall
Setting: Various points between early Book 7 and a couple years down the road.
Format: Fic (~1,100 words)
Summary: "I rather expected," the tartan-clad witch began in a tone with which Remus had far too much experience and which told him exactly where this conversation was going, "that you and Tonks would be the first of the Order to be married this time."
Also Posted At:This was originally written for Prompt 3 (January 3) of the rt_challenge January 2007 ficathon: "The only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it." Oscar Wilde.
Disclaimer: I own none of this. J. K. Rowling and assorted companies including but not limited to Bloomsbury, Scholastic, and Warner Brothers own everything. They also make all the money. I am just having fun and in no way seek financial profit from their property.

Everyone Else Was Doing It!

Before the end of the war, at Bill and Fleur's wedding, it was Fleur. Tonks was dancing with Bill, and Remus stood watching her laugh as the new husband twirled her around. Fleur appeared by his side, also watching them.

"Shouldn't you be out there dancing?"

She grimaced. "I was dancing wiz 'Agrid and my toes could not take any more."

"Ah." Remus nodded his understanding and winced in sympathy. "Would you like me to get you a chair?"

"No. I shall watch zem." They watched the dancers in silence for a moment when suddenly Fleur spoke again. "Shouldn't you be out zere proposing?"

He turned to her, eyes wide. "Excuse me?"

"Zis is an excellent time to propose to Tonks." She waved her hand, indicating the decorations, the music, the lighting. "You are back together, yes? You should get married. I recommend it."

Remus refrained from commenting on the limitedness of a recommendation based on a few hours experience. "Perhaps later. Please excuse me. This dance is almost over and Tonks will probably want a glass of punch."

Six months after the end of the war, at Harry and Ginny's wedding, it was Arthur. Their women were sitting and chatting and the two men had been sent to fetch more punch.

"So how does it feel, giving away your little girl?" Remus would never have asked if it weren't for the unusually large grin Arthur had been sporting all day.

"Fine. Harry has always been a part of the family. If it were any other man…" The father's eyes narrowed out of concern for his baby.

"I can see how that would make it easier. Harry is quite the young man now."

"That he is. Of course, I consider you and Tonks as family as well." Arthur smiled fondly.

"I certainly appreciate the welcome you've always given us. Given me."

Arthur's tone suddenly became calculating. "While I expect nowhere near as important a role at your wedding, I am looking forward to it."

"Yes, well. We really should get back and find out what the women are saying about us."

Nearly a year later, at Ron and Hermione's wedding, it was Molly. Tonks was at a table near the front, giggling with Hermione and Ginny. All of the ladies were a bit tipsy this late in the night, and Remus was too afraid to go over and join their conversation, so he allowed himself to be cornered by the matriarch of the Weasley clan.

"This was such a lovely wedding," Molly said, delicately wiping a tear from her eyes.

"It was."

"Tonks would make a lovely bride." Molly suddenly gasped in horror. "She won't insist on wearing some wild hair color at your wedding, will she?"

"I have no idea. We've never discussed the matter." He glanced back to the table of ladies and saw that Tonks had her wand drawn, undoubtedly to demonstrate something she should not attempt in her current inebriated state. "Please excuse me. I need to go make sure my girlfriend doesn't cause too much mayhem."

Three months later, at Kingsley's wedding to a witch who Remus barely knew and who worked in the Department of Mysteries, it was Minerva. An honor guard of Aurors stood facing each other in two lines, their wands held high, forming a tunnel for the bride and groom to pass through. Remus stood in the crowd next to Minerva, waiting for the happy couple to arrive at the reception and unable to take his eyes from Tonks, who was at one end of the cordon.

"I rather expected," the tartan-clad witch began in a tone with which Remus had far too much experience and which told him exactly where this conversation was going, "that you and Tonks would be the first of the Order to be married this time."

Remus turned to Minerva with a charming smile. "You always did say divination was a rather imprecise branch of magic."

She sniffed. "I said I expected it, not that it was foretold."

"I should have realized the distinction." Loud applause and cheering indicated that the bride and groom had entered. Remus and Minerva watched their entrance in silence. "Excuse me," he said when the commotion began to die down and the guard disperse. "I should get Tonks so we can find our table before the dancing begins."

Two months later, at Neville and Luna's wedding, it was Remus. He and Tonks were standing on the edge of the dance floor, watching the couple partake of the traditional first dance.

Remus turned to look at Tonks. "I suppose we should think about making our relationship a little more permanent."

Her head whipped around so fast he was surprised she didn't snap her neck. Her eyes were wide and he told himself it was excitement and joy making them sparkle, not the flickering candles floating over the dance floor. He suspected he might have been right because it was definitely a hint of concern, worry that she had misunderstood him, that made her eyes crinkle at the corners and prevented her from giving full vent to the happiness.

"What do you mean by that?" Her voice was flooded with the same delight tinged by hesitation.

He chuckled. "I should think that was obvious."

"Spell it out for me."

"That could be a problem. I never was very good at spelling."

Her balled fists came to rest on her hips and the fire flashing in her eyes was now annoyance tinged with expectant joy. The anxious crinkles had vanished without a trace. He fought back a laugh and wrinkled his forehead in feigned concentration. "For example, I can never remember, is marauder spelled m-a-u-r-a-d-e-r?

"Remus…" Her voice was a low, threatening rumble and she stepped closer to him, though they had not been very far apart initially.

He turned his head away, ostensibly to stare into space as he thought, but really to prevent her from seeing the sparkles lighting his own eyes.

"Or is it m-a-r-u-a-d-e-r?"

She stepped closer. He could feel her body pressing against his, could feel the rumble in her chest as she gave a still more threatening growl. "Remus…"

He turned to look back into her beautiful eyes. "Or," he swallowed hard and tried to continue in the same thoughtful yet casual tone as before. "Or is it m-a-r-r-y m-e?"

"Yes!" She threw her arms around his neck and pulled his head down so their foreheads were touching. She waited there.

He pulled his head back slightly. "Really? M-a-r-r-y m-e spells marauder?"

She pulled his head back down. "Remus?"


"Shut up and kiss your fiancée."


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