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Reading outside
Posted on Thursday 4 January 2007 at 2:58 pm

Welcome to Williamsburg

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I flew back to Virginia today and all went well. No headache, no stuffed ears that wouldn't pop, and, best of all, no getting stuck in Atlanta. All my flights were right on time, I actually got into Williamsburg about 10 minutes early, and a lovely friend picked me up at the airport with no problems. Of course, I got nothing accomplished on the plane. I thought about writing some stuff for rt_challenge, but my flight left Houston at 7:30 this morning. I had to getup at 5:30, which is well before my normal time. And since it was only a couple nights ago that I stayed up 'til about 5:00 to finish that last paper and then got up at 9:00, I'm tired. I barely had the energy to stare out the window and listen to music on the flights.

Of course, now I've been up for a while and have a bit more energy. This is good because I need to unpack, straighten the apartment, and go grocery shopping. At least it is only 3:00 so I have plenty of time.
Feeling: calm
Exploring: Apartment in Williamsburg, Virginia
Listening: Too Much Love Will Kill You - Queen

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