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Title: Stubborn
Rating: All Audiences
Characters: Remus Lupin and N. Tonks
Setting: Unknown point in the future
Format: Double Drabble (195 words)
Summary: He knew she would want to walk barefoot in the sand. She always did.
Also Posted At:This was originally written for Prompt 1 (January 1) of the rt_challenge January 2007 ficathon: picture of a rainy beach found here.
Disclaimer: I own none of this. J. K. Rowling and assorted companies including but not limited to Bloomsbury, Scholastic, and Warner Brothers own everything. They also make all the money. I am just having fun and in no way seek financial profit from their property.


The cold wind blowing through the streets brought an icy drizzle with it. She was fighting a cold, and even with Pepperup Potion, she should not be out on a day like this. But she was insistent.

She wanted to go to the beach. He knew she would want to walk barefoot in the sand. She always did. But she sniffled and sneezed and solemnly swore she wouldn't today.

The wind coming in off the water felt even colder, but at least the drizzle had stopped. She knelt and ran her fingers through the damp sand, wondering aloud what it would feel like under bare feet. She sighed heavily and they resumed their stroll. But she kept wondering and asking.

They walked along the beach, hand-in-hand, his shoes and socks dangling from his free hand. His bare feet and her heavy boots left deep impressions in the sand. With every step, he told her exactly how horrid the wet sand felt clumping beneath his feet, exactly how cold were his toes. She laughed and smiled while he grimaced and silently thanked anyone who would listen for the stubbornness of the woman by his side.

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