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Happy Everything
Posted on Friday 8 December 2006 at 3:32 pm

The Christmas Portion of the Three Rs Flist Meme

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I've decided I'm probably not going to get to the Reading, 'Riting, and Reviewing FanFic Flist meme anytime this year. I'll still get to it eventually, but by the time eventually arrives, the Christmas questions will seem a bit out of place. So I've answered them and am posting that portion now. The good stuff will follow someday.

17. What’s the best Christmas present you’ve ever had?

Story time:
When I was three, I really wanted this glo worm doll whose face lit up when you squeezed his tummy. He wore a purple-and-white striped PJ hat and PJ top and the buttons on the top played lullabies when you pushed them. That is all I really wanted that year. At my house, the presents from mom and dad were always wrapped and under the tree while those from Santa were in the stocking if small enough or under the tree but unwrapped if too big. Christmas morning, I ran out, looked under the tree at the unwrapped stuff from Santa and there was no glo worm. I plopped on the floor, stuck a finger in my mouth so it was pulling down one corner of my lips, and just muttered, "He didn't bring me. Santa didn't bring me" over and over in this pitiful little voice with the occasional tearful sniffle thrown in for good measure. I wouldn't look at anyone, I didn't care about any of the other presents, and I wouldn't do anything except sit there, pout, and whine. I was completely heartbroken. My dad crawled under the tree, pulled a package from the back, and he and my mom finally convinced me to open that one. Santa didn't bring me my glo worm because he knew that my mom and dad had already got it for me. The moment I opened that package and saw my glo worm was probably the happiest I've ever been in relation to receiving a present. Mimicking my "He didn't bring me" is a time-honored Christmas tradition at my house.

For those who might not know/remember the '80s glo worms, here is an image of one of the non-bed time doll versions and here is a drawing of a glo worm in the PJs so you can visualize the correct outfit on the doll. Google images didn't come up with any pictures of the actual bedtime glo worm doll.

18. What’s the worst Christmas present you’ve ever had?

You’d think I could give a simple answer to at least one these questions, but no. It's story time again:
When I was in middle school and the first two years of high school, I had this friend. His home life was pretty terrible, because of that he was a bit of an outcast in school, and my family sort of adopted him. He would come over to my house almost every day after school, we'd play games or watch TV together, he'd stay for dinner, and my dad would help him with his homework, which is probably the only time in his life an adult male paid any positive attention to him (I think between he and his four brothers there were four dads). I moved to Texas and lost all touch with him for about two-and-a-half years. Around October of my first year in college, I heard from him. He was in the Navy and he came to visit my family at Christmas that year. After he got to Texas, he proposed to me. He'd bought a ring and everything. It was quite freaky, really. I knew that the time he had spent with my family was the happiest he had ever been and he wanted to be a part of that forever, which I suppose I could understand, but that didn't mean he actually loved me and I certainly wasn't in love with a guy I hadn't seen in 2.5 years and with whom I'd never been romantically involved. I certainly had no interest in marrying him. I couldn't ever really explain that to him. After he left to go back to his boat, he would mail me the ring asking me to reconsider and I would mail it right back. This went on for a few more months and he was one of six guys I jokingly called "My Stalkers" at that time and one of the two about whom I was close to serious with the label. I think my mom finally managed to convince him of what I was saying about him loving my family not me and we eventually lost touch again.

19. What’s your favourite part of Christmas?

Whenever I get someone a present that I'm absolutely certain he/she is going to love, I get this funny feeling in my tummy when I'm watching him/her open it and waiting for the reaction. I love that moment. And spending time with the family in general, especially now that I'm in another state and see my parents and sister maybe 30 days total out of the entire year.

20. Have you ever lied and said something didn’t fit because you didn’t like it, but didn’t have the heart to say so?

I'm sure I have, but I don't remember a specific incident. The thing I am most likely to have to do is say "Oh, no! I don't already have that book/movie" when I do. Everyone knows my interests and gets me things I love but they just don't seem to realize that I've probably already bought and read the Star Wars book that came out four months ago or whatever. Barnes and Noble probably hates me because I always bring in a bunch of stuff in January so I can exchange it for something I actually don't have.

21. What are you hoping Santa brings you this year?

1. The world to stop for about 3 months and then restart exactly where it left off. I, however, will continue to function during those three months so I can get caught up on my HW and fanfic ideas.

2. Legos (this is the only one of my three I honestly expect)

3. Something really good to give my sister because I'm clueless on that front at the moment.


kileaiya at 8:58 pm on 08 December 2006 (UTC) (Link)
Omigosh! I had one of those bedtime Glow-Worms! I think I still have him somewhere.

You told me that story about the guy in the Navy a while back. How freaky.

I was looking at Christmas ornaments online the other day and there was a Lego one and I thought of you.
bratty_jedi at 12:16 am on 09 December 2006 (UTC) (Link)
Hooray for glo worms!

It was very creepy at the time. Now it just seems weird.

Hooray for legos! I'm happy I've wormed my way into your life enough that you think of me when I'm not around ;)
kileaiya at 12:40 am on 09 December 2006 (UTC) (Link)
I've been meaning to ask for your address for Christmas cards. If you want to, you can send it to me at jordymason AT yahoo DOT com :)
Raving Lunatic
molly_coddles at 9:10 pm on 08 December 2006 (UTC) (Link)
I wanted a Glow worm once. I was too old though, I think, and ended up with a Snoopy Snowcone Maker instead. Probably drove mom nuts with all that cranking and grinding-of-ice-cubes noise. I bet she wished she'd have gotten the damn worm after all. ;)

Interesting hobby you have, collecting stalkers. Muhuhahaha... ;)

LOVE the snowflake background, by the way! Very pretty. (and I hate snow!)
bratty_jedi at 12:09 am on 09 December 2006 (UTC) (Link)
My sister had the Snoopy snowcone maker.

One of my stalkers was a skunk. Quite literally.

I love snow. I'm glad you got over your dislike enough to appreciate my snowflakes.
What's Taters, Precious?
mrstater at 9:16 pm on 08 December 2006 (UTC) (Link)
I had that Glow Worm, too! I think I lost his clothes, though, or loaned them to Rainbow Brite.
bratty_jedi at 12:21 am on 09 December 2006 (UTC) (Link)
I had a bad habit of loaning doll clothes to other dolls. Which left me with a lot of naked dolls.

My sister and I were both very big on My Little Pony, Rainbow Brite, and Strawberry Shortcake. Love the '80s toys.

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