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Posted on Friday 1 December 2006 at 8:44 am

The Perils of Playing with Code

I'm messing around with my LJ again (still). I've almost got everything the way I want it. Or at least, I'm almost out of ideas so I'm almost done changing it until I see/think of something else that I want. Some of the recent changes have been: finishing getting all of the permalink/add to mems/add, delete, read comments/etc. links changed to pictures; changing the Flocked and Private icons to different pictures; making my userpic in the sidebar have a thin red border and a thick grey one, randomly rotate between almost all my userpics and link to the page of all my userpics; and linking userpics on Friends' entries to the all userpic page (I might make the ones on comments link but haven't yet).

The current project is rearranging the positioning of the metadata and changing the words "Current Location" and "Current Music" to images. I get tons of coding help from the lovely people at s2flexisquares. They have lots of code for the Flexible Squares layout available that they've worked up in the past that is a great starting point. Unfortunately, some of what I want to do isn't a usual request so they don't have the coding already done. They and I (emphasis on the they) are having to try to create the code which means playing around with it until all the bugs can be fixed. Right now there is some kind of major bug in my code. If you only see things in my layout when clicking a cut link or when reading/posting a comment, I think everything should look fine. If, for I don't know what reasons, you ever look at my Recent Entries or Friends pages, let's just say you should pretend there is currently a huge "Under Construction" sign across the top because it is majorly wonky. It'll all be sorted soon.

EDIT: Problem solved, major construction sign taken down, and the currents look lovely (at least, I think they do).
Coding: a fun headache
Feeling: Coding: a fun headache
Exploring: Freakin' hot apartment
Listening: My fan. Why is it 85 degrees in my apartment?

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