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Poopy Head
Posted on Saturday 18 November 2006 at 1:34 pm

Happy Feet and OotP Trailer

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Around this time last year I went to see the GoF film on opening day with my then-roomie Julia (littlepixiechic). There was a trailer in front of it for what looked like a cute movie about tap dancing penguins. I asked Julia if a single penguin in the trailer had not been voiced by Robin Williams. She said she didn't think so and we both decided it looked like a cute movie we might like to see. Fast forward to this year: the tap dancing penguin movie opened yesterday with the teaser trailer for the OotP movie premiering before it. I went to see it with a couple of friends last night. I rather felt like I was coming full circle and was mildly amused by this. Too bad the movie wasn't at all what I was expecting.

The OotP teaser trailer was just that, a teaser. It was exactly what I was expecting meaning you don't see very much at all and it didn't get me overly excited. But it was nice. I expect to enjoy the movie when it comes out next summer though I think it will have one of the same problems as GoF. In GoF, you can't have quite as much story as you might have otherwise because they spend ten minutes with some wild and crazy dragon chase that is supposed to be visually appealing but to me dragged on too long and slowed down the pacing of the film. I think OotP is going to do the same thing with the Advance Guard and Harry flying to Grimmauld: lots of great visual shots of wizards flying through downtown London and barely avoiding the Muggles that doesn't do much for the movie as a whole.

Once past the trailers and into the real movie, I rather enjoyed the first half of Happy Feet. It was funny, cute, and basically what you would expect from an animated kids' movie. The second half of the movie was essentially a political message. I don't mind people expressing their political/social/whatever POVs in their art. That is, to a large extent, part of the purpose of art. At its best, art is a commentary on society. I do, however, very much mind being bludgeoned half to death by said message being delivered in a way that detracts from the art and is just annoying and somewhat insulting. I don't think Michael Moore is this heavy handed some days, and you go into his films expecting that. You don't, or at least I didn't, go to a movie about tap dancing penguins expecting to be beaten over the head with the political views of the filmmakers in a very heavy-handed and emotionally manipulative manner. It was very disappointing because the first half of the movie was well done and there was a lot of obvious talent involved in making it, but the message of the second half so heavily outweighs the medium that I didn't hear a single person discussing the film as they left the theater. Everyone was talking about the political message and how reasonable or unreasonable was the opinion expressed. Which might have been the filmmakers' aim. But if the filmmakers wanted to make a film with a message, they could have done it without beating it into the ground and killing the film, and if they wanted to just convey a message they should have picked a different medium than an animated movie heavily marketed toward children.
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littlepixiechic at 1:10 pm on 19 November 2006 (UTC) (Link)
I'm disappointed that the tap dancing penguins did not live up to expectations. The penguins looked all cute and fluffy.
bratty_jedi at 2:28 pm on 19 November 2006 (UTC) (Link)
Long time no "see."

I think the penguins were cute and fluffy, especially in the first half. There was just so much message in the second half I stopped noticing the penguins. It is rather disappointing.
littlepixiechic at 9:49 pm on 19 November 2006 (UTC) (Link)
Well, at least there was some cute and fluffy penguin time. My friend's husband just posted about the movie and he said he liked it. However, he also thinks Wikepedia knows everything there is to know about anything worthwhile, so he doesn't get an opinion!
littlepixiechic at 9:51 pm on 19 November 2006 (UTC) (Link)
Wikipedia. Can't spell.
bratty_jedi at 10:03 pm on 19 November 2006 (UTC) (Link)
Ah. Him.

I haven't looked yet, but one of my friends who went to the movie with me checked some reviews yesterday and said they all said the same thing I did: good first half then bludgeoning you half to death with their message in the second. So I win.

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