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Posted on Thursday 9 November 2006 at 5:12 pm

Random World News

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I don't feel so hot today and have been drifting between sleeping, listlessly wandering the net when I just couldn't sleep anymore, and taking multiple showers/baths. I really don't know why that makes me fell better, but it does. I'm feeling a bit better now, but still not 100%. Apparently feeling better means I decided to update the flist on world news as I see it.

1. The San Antonio Spurs (professional basketball team) won last night in a nail-biter of a game. We had been behind the entire game, tied it and then took the lead within the last 30 seconds, let it get retied, had our star player miss two free throws (No surprise there. Tim Duncan sucks at free throws, especially under pressure.) that could have won us the game in the last 1.4 seconds, and finally won it in overtime. Those close, last second games are my absolute favorites. As long as we win it in the end anyway. The Spurs are now 4-1 for the season and second in their division (first place team is 4-0) and I can't see another of their games on TV until Nov. 22. It sucks being outside the broadcast area of my one-and-only team and having to wait for a nationally broadcast game. Oh, and I should probably apologize to author_by_night. She graciously put up with me typing play-by-plays on AIM last night to keep me from shouting quite as much as I would have otherwise and waking my roomie. Not that I didn't still yell at the TV on occasion.

2. M&M is releasing flavored M&Ms. Don't ask me why I am so intrigued and somewhat excited by this idea, since I'm really not a huge M&M fan to begin with. The current line of eight flavors includes some minty and nutty stuff that holds no interest for me. However, they are doing a few with a white chocolate center, surrounded by milk chocolate, and then a fruit flavored shell. I am very interested in the raspberry, orange, and black cherry options. Those just sound yummy. Too bad the only way to get them as of now is to order a tin of eight packets (one of each flavor or any combination of the eight flavors you desire) off the net for $50 plus shipping. They don't sound $50+ yummy.

3. George Allen, Senator of Virginia, declined his right to a recount and conceded this afternoon to now-Senator-Elect Jim Webb. Many of my grad school friends here in Virginia are registered to vote elsewhere (as am I) and have spent the past couple days wishing they could have voted in this very tight race. For those of you not following the US elections, this means the Democrats now control both Houses of Congress (though in the Senate it is very close at a 49-51 split), making George Bush a president with an opposition-controlled congress. Considering that I believe this election was more about anger at Republicans than support for Democrats, that there is a near balance of power in the Senate in particular, that many of the Democrats elected in formerly Republican seats are conservative Dems, and the outcomes of various ballot measures across the nation, I expect far less change than many of the talking heads on TV seem to be predicting. Though Rumsfeld's resignation as Secretary of Defense, Bush's admission yesterday that he is willing to consider raising the minimum wage as one area of compromise, and the Democrats' all-important control of the congressional committee chairs could be evidence that I am wrong and more change is to come.
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