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Hogwarts Bears
Posted on Saturday 28 October 2006 at 4:48 pm

Fic update / LJ house keeping

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First, apologies to anyone who saw my last post and got excited thinking they were getting a new fic, only to be disappointed. I was just moving my metamorfic_moon piece over to here and 90% of the flist is in that community so it's not new for most, though not all, people likely to be dropping by.

Second, I've updated the list of my Remus/Tonks fics linked to in the sidebar of every page of my journal to make it easier to find my stories. I added two R/T fics to that list and I think it's now up to date. The two additions are:

The Great Shrivelfig Caper: the previously referenced metamorfic_moon piece and one of my longest and, I think, better stories.

Helping Hands: my one and only (thus far) completely off-the-wall crack!fic in which Spirit!Sirius and Spirit!James come to pester Remus and knock some sense into him re: Tonks. This is, undeniably, my craziest story to date.

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