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Dr Strange -Tea
Posted on Thursday 7 April 2016 at 6:26 pm

Quick Bits o' News

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I made it through today without a full nap! I had to rest for a bit, bit no actual nap. That's a first since the kidney infection really hit late Saturday. The pain is pretty small now, mostly a tightness and low ache in my right back. Keeping heat on it seems to help but trying to find a position in which I can type that is good for my wrists / arms (tendonitis / carpal tunnel issues), my back and neck (generally slouching and straining issues), and keeping the heating pad in place is proving a bit difficult.
EDIT: Pain has started seriously increasing in my back again and spreading around to my front and side. It isn't as bad as it was Saturday night, but it's getting up there and certainly worse than it has been in the past couple days by far. My seven-day antibiotic treatment started Sunday and runs out on Saturday so I really think it shouldn't still be this bad and maybe the infection is worse than urgent care thought or isn't responding right to the antibiotics or something. I'm at the very least calling my regular health center tomorrow before they close for the weekend to see what they think.

Pop Culture Squees

Night Manager: Finished it, finally. Really enjoyed it. Very different ending from the book that I think helped some with my feeling of being tired of using the deaths of and violence toward people of color as backdrops for yet another white man's story but maybe made things a bit worse than the book for using the deaths of and violence towards white woman as backdrops for yet another white man's story. I'll try to do a full post on all my Night Manager thoughts in more detail sometime next week. Just don't have the time right now.

Star Wars: Have you seen the Rogue One trailer!? OMG! So awesome!

Dr. Strange: Supposedly the first trailer is coming next week. Can't wait! The pics of Cumberbatch and Ejiofor in costume that have been popping up have been fantastic. Loved this one of Cumberbatch in a comic book store with The Oath, a.k.a. the comic in which there are repeated jokes about Dr. Strange being Sherlock Holmes that was written years before Cumberbatch was cast as either Strange or Sherlock. That said, as much as I'm loving the costume pics generally, why is Strange not wearing gloves? His hands are badly scarred and he wears gloves all the time to cover them. If you're going to have him without gloves, there needs to be scars. Not in the comic book store, but in the official character pics and the pictures from filming, there should either be gloves or scars and I'm not seeing either. Yes, I'm apparently going to be that kind of fan. Well, not really. I rant about it briefly like now then shrug and move on. I take it all back. Found a bigger version of the pic (changed the link to it) and his hands look like they are scarred. I'm OK.

Sherlock: Speaking of... so I guess Cumberbatch is jumping straight from wrapping Strange to Sherlock as they announced that Series 4 started filming when Cumberbatch was still wandering the streets of NYC as Strange. Yay, Sherlock!

Whatever my advisor gets on Monday, it is guaranteed to not be a fully complete chapter. Oh well. I've updated him on the situation and am doing the best I can. I almost feel like the draft I give him should have post it notes on it saying something like:

Part 1: Written before kidney infection

Part 2: Initially written in mad brain dump at home on my couch with heating pad pressed into my side and back and no sources or notes other than my previously created outline of the chapter in between frequent naps in first few days of kidney infection

Part 2A: Section of Part 2 I've had time to flesh out with sources and maybe even put in full sentences in last few days before deadline

Part 2B: Yeah... maybe don't read this. I'll have the cleaned up version to you in... how about the 4 full days I lost to the kidney infection before being well enough to even do the mad brain dump?

Ideally, he won't actually be able to tell the difference between Part 1 and Part 2A on his own, but there will be no mistaking Part 2B. Oh well.


A work in progress
ancarett at 2:19 am on 08 April 2016 (UTC) (Link)
Health is a big issue. Be pushy to get follow-up secured. This sounds as if the infection resisted the first course of antibiotics. Be careful!
bratty_jedi at 1:09 am on 09 April 2016 (UTC) (Link)
Went to student health. No signs of an infection anymore. Nurse practitioner I saw was thinking kidney stones to explain the continued intense pain and trying to figure out what test to send me for where (x-ray, ultrasound, ct were all mentioned). She went to check with a doctor then came back and said doctor doesn't think it sounds like stones so to just give me some pain meds, send me home, and if it gets worse over the weekend hit an e.r. or if it isn't better next week then come back to them. So not overly helpful.

I caved and emailed my advisor and the director of grad studies for the department that there's no way I can have the chapter done by Monday. I gave an update on where it stands now and said I just need 3 to 5 days in my office with all my sources and notes to finish it but I've not been physically able to pull that off this week and I'm not sure I'm going to be able to get a day in this weekend. I suggested revising my timeline from due date of 11 April to due date of mid April and I just put in the graduation extension application that it needs 3 to 5 solid work days to finish chapter 3, which would meet the mid April deadline. I also told them that as long as the medical is cleared up within even the next 2 weeks, I still think I can meet all the further out deadlines. My advisor replied that sounds like a good option and he'll revise his letter to match. So if I can just get this medical situation figured out or at least under control, I think I should still be good. Hopefully. Who knows. Even with advisor and DGS on my side, the application can still be denied. I really don't think that will happen, but it is possible.
Wine gums, envy, pieces of rainbow
qwentoozla at 7:32 am on 08 April 2016 (UTC) (Link)
I hope your kidney infection responds to the treatment and clears up soon! It sounds like a nightmare.

I'll definitely be interested in your Night Manager thoughts when you have the time. :)

I love the pic of Cumberbatch with the comic! I thought the set pictures of him in costume looked fantastic too. It made me way more excited for the movie, which was just a vague future thing in my mind until I saw the pictures (I don't actually know much about Dr. Strange), but he looks pretty badass.
bratty_jedi at 1:19 am on 09 April 2016 (UTC) (Link)
The kidney thing really is frustrating. Worst part ow is they're not sure what's going on anymore. The infection appears to be gone, but I'm still having major pain and other minor symptoms about which I don't really care compared to the pain. Nurse practitioner was thinking kidney stones but doctor disagreed. So I've got heavy duty pain meds now and am basically just supposed to wait and see what happens. Maybe it will get better. If it gets way worse over the weekend, I'm supposed to go to the E.R. If it doesn't get better, I'm supposed to check back in with student health next week.

Bit too fuzzy-headed from the pain meds to be coherent on the Night Manager but I will get there! Maybe before it actually starts airing in the US.

I love Dr. Strange. He's my favorite character from Marvel comics for the most part. All the comic characters have had so many incarnations and there are a few takes on him I haven't liked as much, but as a general rule, he's my favorite and he is pretty bad ass. He has some pretty cool and interesting story lines and is usually smart and snarky, though sometimes they make him too much of a inner-looking monk thing that I don't like as much. Plus, all his powers come from studying and learning so he spends lots of time in his giant library going over books and that's just awesome as far as I'm concerned.

If you're at all interested in the comics, that one Cumberbatch has in the pic, The Oath, is a fantastic stand-alone story and entry point. It was meant to kind of reintroduce the character so it has a fully contained story that serves to highlight Strange's character and personality, introduces some elements that will become the foundation for later stuff but does have a plot that goes from beginning to end so no need to read further if not interested, and it also re-tells Strange's origin story in flashbacks for new people.
Wine gums, envy, pieces of rainbow
qwentoozla at 1:47 am on 09 April 2016 (UTC) (Link)
Oh man, that sucks that the infection seems to be gone but the pain isn't. I hope the pain meds help and they figure out what's actually going on soon.

Thank you for the comic recommendation! That's super helpful--the biggest problem I have with getting into comics is not knowing where to start. Sometimes I'll try to read one and realize that there's a ton of backstory that I haven't read and I don't know what the heck is going on! I put The Oath on my to-read list. :)

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