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Posted on Wednesday 28 January 2015 at 1:41 pm

Computer Woes

My computer has been acting a bit funny for a couple of days and this morning randomly reset all the settings on several programs, refused to write anything to my external hard drive, and generally was a pain. When I tried to do a system restore to a save point last week, it kept erroring out and giving me a blue screen of death, which is never what you want to see. So I've spent all day today deleting programs I don't use, having everything do self-scan and repair tasks, backing up anything that hasn't been backed up in the last few days (I'm pretty good about backing up everything), and all that kind of stuff. It seems to be running OK at the moment so I'm hopeful I won't have to do anything further. If it resets all the settings or stops writing to the external again, though, I'm going to have to do a full factory reinstall of Windows then reinstall all my programs and files, which is such a waste of time.

At least it waited until after I got the chapter to the advisor and the funding app in last week!

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