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Posted on Wednesday 10 December 2014 at 10:43 am

Theme Parks

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I'm going to Disney World next week. There are six adults taking one toddler, because my niece is really just an excuse for the rest of us to have fun :) You can get FastPass tickets for some rides and shows so you don't have to wait in line and my mom kept asking me what FastPasses I wanted to try and get. I kept telling her I'd be perfectly happy with anything but what I really wanted was one day away from Disney World to go to the Harry Potter theme parks nearby so that's happening, too. I'm super excited about that as I've been to Disney World a few times before but this will be the first time for me at Harry Potter.

I think I know where I'm going to want to go next, though...
BBC considers Sherlock-land and Doctor Who-world theme park

The BBC is thrashing out ideas for a new £2bn theme park in Kent which could turn popular dramas such as Doctor Who and Sherlock into major attractions.

The BBC’s commercial arm BBC Worldwide has signed a preliminary agreement over the use of its shows at the theme park and holiday resort, which is due to open in north Kent in 2020.

A BBC source said that the discussions were in the early stages but that hit shows including Doctor Who, Top Gear and Sherlock were all being considered as subjects for rides or other attractions at the park, which is backed by Hollywood studio Paramount. (Source)

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