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Posted on Friday 23 May 2014 at 11:25 am

Android Tablet Ereader App?

Anyone have experience with Android tablets, especially using them as ereaders and have advice on good ereader apps?

I have a Nook HD+ that I love, but Nook is its own funny little operating system and walled garden on top of a regular Android OS. I've now run into the walls of the garden twice with the Nook OS not letting me install games I've bought from outside the Barnes and Noble / Google Play environment. That annoys me, so I'm rooting the tablet to a basic Android OS (Kitkat). This means I'll be able to do more with the device, including install the two games I've already bought, but it also means I'm losing the Nook ereading experience that I'm used to. I do primarily use my tablet for ereading so I need a really good replacement app. My main wants are:

- Library for adding own files downloaded from multiple sources not just a store for buying and then reading those ebooks (this is why the Nook app for regular Androids is not my answer)
- epub and pdf capabilities at minimum
- Support for image-dense files, not just text (e.g. comic books)
- High degree of customization of the reading display (colors, fonts, etc.)
- High degree of organization of the library (personalized tags/shelves, sort by read/unread and mark that status, robust searching, etc.)

I've played around a bit with a handful of free ereader apps, some of which are just free and some of which are ad supported and/or feature-light versions of apps that are also available for pay. Of the ones I've tried, Moon+ Reader worked pretty well for me and I think if I go with the pay version of it to get rid of the ads that I could be quite happy with it. It has a nice display of the library as either just covers or as more detailed info., has OK tagging and automatic shelving of read / reading / not read, etc., and offers lots of reading display customization so it definitely meets my organization and customization demands. My one minor complaint is that it didn't render comics as sharply as I get with the built in Nook reader. I could live with that, but thought I'd check to see if anyone has any better suggestions before I shell out the money for the pay version of this. If anyone has a suggestion for just a good ereader app for rendering images that isn't as full-featured in other ways, I'd even be willing to go with a separate app for the comics as long as it isn't too expensive since I'd have to get it on top of the Moon+ Reader pay version.

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