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BBC Radio
Posted on Monday 24 March 2014 at 6:23 pm

Finnemore Cabin Pressure Interview

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An addition to this week's BBC Radio List: Radio 4 does a weekly program called Feedback, which is their thoughts on, well, feedback from the audience. In this past Friday's episode, they did a segment on reactions to the announcement that Cabin Pressure is ending. It is mostly clips from the show, a few phone calls from fans about why they love it, and an interview with John Finnemore on why to end it now and how he feels about the show and ending it. The Cabin Pressure segment starts at the 21:40 mark and goes for about 7 minutes. I'm not downloading it as I'll never want to listen to it again, so be sure to give it a listen this week if you want to hear it or have some other means of saving it for later.

I'm going to cross-post this to the Cabin Pressure community, so apologies to all who get hit with it twice.

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