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Crystal Ball - Ron
Posted on Wednesday 19 March 2014 at 9:49 am

So Tired

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I have to meet one-on-one with all my students this week to discuss their topic and primary source documents for their second paper. Each individual meeting is nothing, but the cumulative effect is exhausting! I only had a couple of meetings on Monday so that was no big deal. Yesterday midday was pretty packed and I was dead by the end of them but this afternoon and all day tomorrow (everyone waits to the end of the week) are jammed with meeting after meeting. I only have a couple more students this semester than last, but somehow it is so much more exhausting. Maybe I was just more tired at the start of the week?

Since I didn't get much dissertation work done during the day yesterday due to all the meetings, I felt I needed to do something on it in the evening. So I took a bunch of handwritten notes from things I've read recently and typed them into my massive source database while watching movies. I half watched Henry IV Part 2 from the Hollow Crown adaptations. I'd watched Richard II, Henry V, and Henry IV Part 1 from that series recently so decided to complete the set, even if out of order. The problem is that I find the most of Henry IV Part 2 boring. So I skipped scenes all over the place and really just watched the good stuff (the last half-hour or so) and thought all the cast were wonderful there. I don't know why, but I feel kind of pretentious saying that I find a Shakespeare play to be crap, but I really think it is, with the massive exception of two amazingly wonderful bits. No one can be brilliant all the time, I guess.

After the parts of Henry IV Part 2 that I watched, I still had a bunch of notes to type so went scrolling through my Netflix instant queue to find something else to watch while doing so. I noticed that the 2011 version of Rattigan's Deep Blue Sea was listed as only available until this weekend. I love Rattigan generally and like Deep Blue Sea though it isn't my favorite of his. I've read lots of good stuff about that particular adaptation so I've been meaning to watch it, but it has Tom Hiddleston and Simon Russell Beale in it and they were Prince Hal/Henry V and Falstaff in the Henry IVs and Henry V that I'd just watched over the last week or so. Two movies with one of them and three with the other (plus the Coriolanus broadcast!) seemed like plenty for that short a span and I wasn't sure I was ready for the mental shift to them as different, very different in Beale's case, characters. But I really do love Rattigan and wanted to watch this before the deadline so I caved. It didn't take me as long as I'd feared it would to adjust and get into the movie. It was a pretty good version and really got the mood and feelings across, which is the most important part of the play in many ways. I definitely enjoyed it, but I think I like the original play better than the movie script because they cut some bits I really like. That's just a minor personal quibble, though.

I suspect the rest of this week will go much the same: exhausting meetings all day and either just crashing in front of the TV or crashing in front of the TV while piddling on mindless dissertation stuff in the evenings. That's pretty unusual for me as I typically exercise / work out for at least a little while and read for fun in the evenings. I just don't see having the energy for the next couple of days at least. I might have to find some Thursday and Friday, though, since I typically listen to BBC Radio stuff while working out and there's those new Rumpoles... :-)
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