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BBC Radio
Posted on Thursday 20 February 2014 at 3:55 pm

Rachael's Week in BBC Radio 2014:7

Late again. Sorry

Listened To: Another Two Pipe Problem, Three Men in a Boat dramatization, and first half of Undone Series 2.

Coming Up: Lots of random stuff that sounds OK but nothing truly exciting. There's quite a bit of scifi which does make me happy.

Listened to 9 to 15 February:

Two Pipe Problems
I listened to the second episode of the first two-episode series or the third episode total, Trusty Valet and Crusty Butler. I really enjoyed this one. The two retired actors / amateur sleuths at the center of the series have cameo roles together in a period drama and all hell breaks loss when can't remember his lines and then the footage goes missing.

Three Men in a Boat
This was a fantastically fun dramatization of the Jerome K. Jerome comedy. I has Hugh Dennis, Steve Punt, and Julian Rhind-Tutt as the eponymous three men and they are all fun in their roles, but my favorite is the part missing from the title as given here, To Say Nothing of the Dog. There are bits told from the dog's PoV and they're always fun.

Undone Series 2
I listened to the first half of series 2 and was a bit disappointed. The premise of Undone is that there is London and then there are parallel cities that are either more ridiculous or completely logical or whatever and the main characters are responsible for keeping the versions separate. I love the premise and they do some fun, silly stuff with it, but for the most part, the main character doesn't interest me and the plots are OK but nothing special. It is such a fun setup but the execution always feels lacking. Maybe the second half of the series will pick up.

Comedy Panel Shows

Dilemma 3:2
Second episode of the current run. I found it a bit disappointing, too. Maybe that's more about my mood than anything, though.

Unbelievable Truth 7:1
I listened to this random back episode. It was a pretty good mix of guests (Alan Davies, Jack Dee, Marcus Brigstocke and Lucy Porter) and I enjoyed it quite a bit, but it probably isn't a classic for me.

Downloading 16 to 22 February:


Is Your Love Better than Life? (Drama on 3)
The description of this one sounds pretty cool overall. It is loosely based on an Eliot verse drama, Murder in the Cathedral, but set in a futuristic scenario and looking at church versus state and ideals worth killing and/or dying for.

When the Laughter Stops (Afternoon Drama)
Married comedians on a tour of Africa have a falling out. Not sure about this one, but BBC seems pretty proud of it so maybe worth a shot.

Burning Desires (Afternoon Drama)
Story of a serial killer of the WWI era who would woo women, marry them, then kill them.

Dan Rebellato - Erskine May
Radio play based on the actual disagreement between two architects building the new Houses of Parliament in the mid 1800s. This veers into fantasy, imagining one of them breaks and blows up the nearly complete building and the other seeks to rebuild it.

Mary Shelley - The Mortal Immortal
Reading of a Mary Shelley short story about a man who became immortal and the consequences of that. I love Frankenstein with a passion and think her other novel, Last Man, is OK but I haven't read any of Shelley's shorts.

David Constantine - The Listening Heart
Play based on how Beethoven might have reacted to coming deafness.

Ed Harris - The Interplanetary Notes of Ambassador B
This is the omnibus of this week's 15 minute drama. An alien ambassador's adventures on various planets.

Daily Multi-Episode Programs Starting This Week

Charles Chilton - Journey Into Space - Operation Luna
Journey into Space is one of the great classic radio dramas. I've been meaning to get all of it, but just haven't. Operation Luna is, I think, the second of three serial adventures.

Martin Kiszko - Scramble
Sci-Fi story in a dystopic Britain where music has been banned.

Weekly Multi-Episode Programs Starting This Week

Juliet Ace - Young Victoria Omnibus
Plays about Queen Victoria's youth based on letters, diaries, etc.

FH Burnett - The Secret Garden
I loved this book as a kid. Something about the evocative descriptions of the moors outside the house and the garden inside really stuck with me. Looking forward to the dramatization.

Torchwood: The Lost Files (Afternoon Drama)
Random Torchwood episodes.

Comedy Panel Shows
News Quiz, Just a Minute, and Dilemma are all running new episodes.

Anything good y'all listened to recently or looking forward to next week?

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