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Posted on Monday 20 January 2014 at 9:18 am

Random Life Stuff

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My last real post was whining about my hard drive about to crash. I got a new one and moved everything over to it so good to go on that front, I think.

I got a message on facebook last night for an invitation to a Super Bowl party that my roommate is apparently hosting at our house. I don't mind her having a Super Bowl party, but I don't remember her mentioning anything about it. I think it would have been nice to know there was going to be a party at my place before receiving the mass invite with the 35 to 40 other people invited. Also, the roommate in question is in the history department with me and invited all history department people so I got invited but I don't see our other roommate on the invite list, so I don't know if she knows about it yet. Hmmm...

I desperately need to get back to work on my dissertation. I've barely touched it since before Christmas. Last week was madness of the beginning of the semester and dealing with the dying hard drive. Before that it was holiday travel and the like. *sigh* Today is a holiday (MLK Jr. Day) but I was going to go to campus and work on my dissertation all day without the distraction of students and classes. Then my phone reminded me that I'm having a cavity drilled and filled at 10 this morning. So there goes that plan. It is likely to snow here tomorrow. It so rarely snows here that no one knows how to deal with it so I don't like driving. I'm OK driving on snow because I used to live further north and did much of my early driving on snow, but the city sometimes doesn't clear the roads and people don't know what to do here. Maybe I'll risk it and go to campus to work anyway. We'll see.

I also desperately need to rake leaves. We have a ton of trees around us, so the entire yard is a thick blanket of leaves at the moment. I couldn't deal with them in the fall because of the broken toe. I started Saturday and made progress on the front yard (and cleaned out the gutters and cleaned off the roof of branches). Despite the forecast of snow tomorrow and below freezing temperatures all day Wednesday, today is supposed to be nice (upper 50s) so I might try to do some more after the dentist. I'm most concerned about the front yard because I don't want the Home Owner's Association complaining to the landlord.

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