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Rachael's Week in BBC Radio Vol. 47 and 48

I should be able to actually start listening to stuff soon. I hope so, anyway! For now, though, here's this week's and last week's good stuff.

Downloading 15 to 21 December:

One-Shots from Last Week

Archive on 4: When Comedy and Politics Collide
A slightly unusual one for me: a non-fic documentary. This is a look at satirical coverage of the news, especially in programs like The News Quiz, which I love so this isn't that far out of left field for me.

Ghosts (Drama on 3)
Adaptation of the Ibsen play. I love Ibsen and Ghosts is one of my favorites of his.

Andrew Lynch - A Question of Royalty (Afternoon Drama)
This sounds like a fantastic silly play. The premise is a couple of working guys steal the queen's marriage certificate and it creates a political crisis.

Nest (The Wire)
Comedy thriller about a secretive tech company.

Kneehigh's The Wild Bride (Saturday Drama)
This is a blues fairy tale. A father sells his daughter's soul to the devil and she rejects the deal and sets out on her own. It sounds fantastic!

Caryl Churchill - Top Girls
A 1980s business woman hosts a dinner for five women who are dead.

Daily Multi-Episode Programs from Last Week

A Night With a Vampire Series 2
Early vampire stories, read by David Tennant. I listened to series 1 a while back and enjoyed it.

Terry Jones's Fairy Tales
Silly riffs on fairy tales written by Terry Jones (of the Monty Pythons, if there's any confusion on that front). Works for me!

Richard Adams - Watership Down
Watership Down is a fairly classic novel about a bunch of rabbits. It isn't really fantasy as they are very realistic rabbits doing very rabbity things, but it anthropomorphizes them, kind of. Anyway, this is a dramatization of the novel, which I rather like.

William Makepeace Thackeray - Barry Lyndon
Thackeray is probably best known for Vanity Fair. This is a dramatization of one of his other novels, about an adventurer in the Seven Years Wars.

Weekly Multi-Episode Programs that Started Last Week

Could Do Better
Short bits of comedians discussing their school grades. I'm mostly in it for the Stephen Fry episode.

The Laxian Key
Science fiction comedy about an attempt to clean up a planet for human habitation but accidentally start to melt the Earth.

Comedy Panel Shows for Both Weeks

Just a Minute is airing a one-shot Christmas Special. I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue is in the midst of a new run. The News Quiz is ending its current series.
I've Never Seen Star Wars , Act Your Age, and Heresy are running random repeats.

Downloading 22 to 28 December:

One-Shots for This Week

The Tales of Beatrix Potter Omnibus
These are new adaptations of five of Potter's stories. They are available individually as the 15 Minute Drama this week or all together in this omnibus. There is an article in the Telegraph based on interviews with the adaptor, Sean Grundy, Johnny Vegas who acts in them and produced them, and Chris Addison who also acts in them. They talk about wanting to bring the tales back a bit from their gentrified and cutesy appeal now to the slightly darker and country work roots they have in the original texts. It sounds pretty good.

Charles Dickens - The Haunted Man and the Ghost's Bargain
Adaptation of Dickens' final Christmas stories.

Gaston Leroux - The Mystery of the Yellow Room
Dramatization of one of the first locked room murder mysteries (you know: dead body, no way in or out of the room) by the writer of Phantom of the Opera.

Shakespeare a la Carte (Afternoon Drama)
This sounds like a slly, fun play about Shakespearian actors stuck in traffic.

JM Barrie - The Little White Bird
Adaptation of the stories that led to Peter Pan, but not the actual Peter Pan stories.

Vaclav Havel - Largo Desolato (Drama on 3)
Play by the former president of the Czech Republic who was an anti-USSR activist and playwright in the 1960s to 1980s. This is based on the Tom Stoppard translation, I think, and is about a philosopher waiting to be arrested for his essay questioning the political regime.

Otherwise Engaged (Saturday Drama)
Dark comedy about a man enjoying a quiet evening at home that keeps getting interrupted.

Susan Cooper - King of Shadows
Dramatization of a children's novel about a little boy who time travels and ends up hanging out with Shakespeare.

Daily Multi-Episode Programs for This Week

The A-Z of Dr Johnson - Boswell's Life of Johnson (Classic Serial)
Dramatization of the writing of the very famous Life of Johnson by Boswell, which is widely regarded as the beginning and possibly the greatest modern biography.

National Velvet (Afternoon Drama)
Dramatization of a children's novel about a little girl turning an unknown horse into a major steeplechaser.

Rumpole of the Bailey
This is not the Timothy West (or Timothy West and Benedict Cumberbatch) Rumpole's. There is another, older, set of adaptations of the Rumpole stories with Maurice Denham as Rumpole. This is the repeats of those. I've never listened to any of these and am interested to see how I react to a different Rumpole than West with Cumberbatch as his younger version.

Christopher Lee's Fireside Tales
Readings of classic spooky tales, which I don't do a tone of, but it's Christopher Lee!

Weekly Multi-Episode Programs Starting this Week

North by Northamptonshire Series 3
I have series 1 and 2 but haven't managed to listen to them yet.

What Ho! Jeeves: Joy in the Morning
Old adaptation of a Jeeves tale. Love me some Jeeves.

Anything good y'all listened to recently or looking forward to next week?
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