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BBC Radio
Posted on Friday 8 November 2013 at 7:57 pm

BBC Radio Delays in Posting Online

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On the plus side, today is one of those special days when the BBC programming gods have smiled on the world and granted us new episodes of QI and The News Quiz, both. Hooray!

On the negative side, the new episode of News Quiz still isn't online. News Quiz is radio and was on at 6:30pm London time. QI is TV and was on at 10:00pm London time. I've already downloaded and watched the new QI, but the new News Quiz still isn't available. I've noticed this happening a lot recently; BBC radio programs aren't showing up for listening until several hours after their broadcast, sometimes a few days after. It used to be that they'd be up within an hour or maybe two, tops. I was really looking forward to listening to News Quiz tonight since it's been off the air for so long. I'm sure it will go up eventually, but I'm confused as to why it has started taking so long for radio programs to get posted, especially when the TV ones are still going up fairly quickly. Normally this doesn't matter to me because I'll go days, weeks, months, even years after downloading something before listening to it. The only exceptions, the only things I want to listen to NOW, are Cabin Pressure (which I typically try to catch live if I can so a delay there for posting would only bother me if I missed the live broadcast) and News Quiz, thus the whine today even though I've notice this happening before now.

On an unrelated plus side: one of the local movie theaters decided to get 12 Years a Slave starting this weekend so the history grad students are going en masse on Sunday afternoon.

EDIT: Apparently the BBC was waiting for me to complain as News Quiz is now up! :)

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