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BBC Radio
Posted on Sunday 20 October 2013 at 9:08 am

Rachael's Week in BBC Radio Vol. 39

I'm still limping around on the busted toe, which is getting better but nowhere near running / hiking levels and I'm starting to get cabin fever and generally frustrated with that situation. I've listened to several of the comedy panel shows this week and a bit last week so I'll run through them, but still nothing in terms of plays, sitcoms, dramatizations, etc.

For the upcoming week, BBC Radio is getting in on the massive National Theatre 50th Anniversary celebration with a tons of programs: documentaries, radio versions of some of the best NT plays, etc. and that all looks great. I'm also looking forward to a Wally K Daly scifi play and an historical play set in the Vietnam War dealing with US politics.

Listened to 6 to 19 October:
Comedy Panel Shows

The Museum of Curiosity
I listened to the first three episodes of the current series, 6, this week and last week. There were all great. I liked the first two a bit better than the third and probably the first the best of all, but there all had a great bunch of guests with entertaining and informative chatter.

Just a Minute
I listened to the last episode of the most recent series, 67. It was a great episode.

The Unbelievable Truth
The Beeb is running some repeats of series 3 from 2009 right now. I listened to episodes 1 and 3. I didn't get episode 2 so either the downloader screwed up or the BBC did. These two had the same four guests - Lucy Porter, Chris Addison, Clive Anderson and Graeme Garden - and were absolutely brilliant.

I listened to episode 2 from series 1 which was perfectly fine but nothing mind-blowing. I love Sue Perkins though, who hosts this one, so I was happy.

It's Your Round
Series 2 is repeating now so I listened to episode 1. For those who don't know this show since I'm not sure how much I've discussed it here, there are four rounds and each round is created by one of the panelists. I got a kick out of the first game here, largely because I've decided if I'm going to keep consuming British media I'm going to have to learn the rules of cricket and this round was a trivia game based on the rules of cricket. The other games were also pretty good, except one that was just a speed eating contest.

Downloading 20 to 26 October:


Wally K Daly - Time Slip
I love Wally K Daly's numerous radio plays, many of which have a sci-fi theme. This one is one of his classics that I don't have yet. It is about a man who arrives home from work to discover that he is already there.

The Product (Drama on 3)
Radio play by Mike Walker, another BBC radio regular. This one is about two soldiers in Vietnam in 1968 discovering they worked on opposite sides of the 1960 presidential election. This is so totally my kind of thing!

Topaz (Saturday Drama)
A poet tries to become famous by walking a great distance to Balmoral to get the attention of Queen Victoria.

Kenneth Grahame - The Golden Age
Adaptation of a Grahame young adult novel. I've only read Wind in the Willows from him and don't like it, but I'm willing to give this dramatization a shot.

Michael Mears - A Slow Train to Woking
Comedy about a man on a train going to visit his mom. The draw here is that there are 28 characters, all played by Mears.

Martyn Wade - Bodies and Souls
Radio play about a married couple with a bit of a rocky relationship further complicated when the wife starts recalling past lives.

Daily Multi-Episode Programs

The National Theatre at 50
This is an ongoing set of shows that will run for at least the next couple of weeks, through the 2 Nov. NT 50th Anniversary special which is going to air on BBC TV. There are documentaries about the National Theatre, new plays based on the history of NT, and radio versions of some of NT's plays, which sounds fantastic.

Marty Ross - Catch My Breath (Gothic based on Celtic myths)
Gothic-type story based on old Celtic myths.

EM Forster - Howard's End
Dramatization of the classic novel that is one of many about class and society in Britian int he early 1900s but this one focuses on three families of different classes.

Weekly Multi-Episode Programs Starting this Week

Herge - The Adventures of Tintin
Radio adaptations of the classic cartoon adventures. Not sure how well this will work as the comics are so much about the specific visual style and the actual stories aren't necessarily that great.

Beachcomber... By the Way (Series 2)
This is a sitcom / dramatization of a comic newspaper gossip column from the early 1900s. I have series 1 but haven't listened to it yet.

Comedy Panel Shows

The Museum of Curiosity is in the midst of a new series.
Unbelievable Truth, It's Your Round, and Dilemma are all running random repeats.

Anything good y'all listened to recently or looking forward to next week?

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