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Posted on Wednesday 4 September 2013 at 9:23 am

Neutron Cream

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So... all the fandom peeps know about Simon Pegg's Neutron Cream prank on the set of Star Trek into Darkness, in which he punked basically every other actor, but especially Benedict Cumberbatch?

If not... the full story is best seen here when Pegg explains the prank. There is an alternate version of Cumberbatch on Graham Norton's show explaining the prank and trying to make himself sound less stupid, but the youtube video of it that I had the link for has been taken down.

Now... there's footage from the set of the prank actually being played out, including the moments when most of the cast were informed they'd been punked. It's apparently a DVD or Blu-Ray exclusive so it might get pulled but for now:

EDIT: As feared, the video has been pulled.

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