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BBC Radio
Posted on Monday 19 August 2013 at 9:59 am

Neverwhere and Copenhagen - Buy Them!

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The BBC Radio version of Neverwhere is available to pre-order from the UK version of AudioGo but not from the US version, yet. It is supposed to be released 5 September for both markets, I think, so I'm not too put out about the whole pre-order or not thing there and I have the whole thing from the radio downloads anyway. But in looking at this, I discovered something that annoys me more. Copenhagen is available to buy, not pre-order but buy, from the UK version of AudioGo but not from the US one. I hate it when they do this. I have the copy of Copenhagen that I downloaded so I have no actual need to buy anything. But I want to buy it so that I can basically vote with my money as one has to do in a capitalist system, thus allowing the people making things I enjoy to earn a living and letting them know that I enjoy it and they should make more stuff like it. Seems fair. But buying from the UK version rather than the US is more complicated, typically more expensive with current exchange rates, and means I don't get the reward points for free stuff. So do I buy it now from the UK one, wait to see if it shows up on the US one (or whatever happens when AudioGo merges with Downpour) and buy it from the UK one in a while if it doesn't show up on the US one, or never buy it from the UK one and only get it if it shows up on the US one?

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