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Posted on Monday 1 July 2013 at 7:32 pm

Of Mice and Men? Of Mice and Me? Of Ice and Men? Or how about the Hound of the Baskerville?

I frequently read posts at Metafilter.com, but I am not a member and do not post there. It is a website where people post links to interesting things they find on the web and has a more intelligent and engaged user base than most so the comments there are often worth reading. Apparently back in 2011 there was a twitter hashtag going around about book titles with one letter missing and that has recently been revived. Someone has created fake books covers for these newly retitled books and that, along with the original twitter hashtag, was posted to Metafilter. The title ideas provided in the mock covers and in the comments at Metafilter (I haven't checked out the twitter hashtag) are often funny and enjoyable on their own merits, but I just have to point out that it took only 'til the seventh comment on Metafilter before someone mentioned the episode of Cabin Pressure that did it even before the 2011 twitter hastag. I told you the Metafilter people were a smart bunch. :)


space_oddity_75 at 1:47 pm on 02 July 2013 (UTC) (Link)
Heeee, I love Cabin Pressure references in non-CP sites! Hopefully, this will help increase the number of listeners (and possible fans) of this fabulous radio show.

John Finnemore is a genius and I love all the word games he always comes up with. I wish I was as good at playing them as he is, but my imagination is, sadly, somewhat limited (probably also because English is only my second language). All I've managed to come up in a game of 'theatrical productions that sound more interesting with the last letter knocked off' that I've used in one of my CP fics are: "Who's afraid of Virginia Wool" and "The Lion Kin". Not funny at all, as you can see.

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