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Posted on Saturday 22 June 2013 at 7:09 pm

Catching Up

I have replied to comments people have left over the past few weeks! Sorry for taking so long. It's just been weird here but I'm not doing major traveling again for a bit and things should be settling into a groove and I should be back on track now. Also, sorry if you just got replies and notifications of replies to like 5 different comments or something. I probably could have consolidated, but that would have taken more work and therefore taken me longer.

I was going to scroll back through the flist and try to comment on posts of y'all's as well as comments you left on my very few posts, but there are just too many now. I have been reading, though! So how about I just do this and you can grab as applicable (I swear every one of these is a response to something I've read on the flist recently)...
  • OMG! Puppy pics / bunny pics are so cute!
  • Glad you had fun on your trip and the conference / convention / plays was / were great. Alternatively, sorry the work trip was boring. Alternatively alternatively, your upcoming trip sounds awesome and I hope you have fun seeing your friends!
  • Sorry you haven't been feeling well but it seems like you've got things under control now so that's good.
  • Hooray for fanfic / academic writing progress!
  • Good for you on pushing outside your comfort zone and finding out just how awesome you are.
That's all I remember off the top of my head. I'll be back on track now and actually reply to future posts as they come in.

There are still a few things unguessed in my Better Than It Sounds Meme. I'll probably leave it for a few more days then give the answers to the remaining ones. Apparently some of my interests are too esoteric or something. :)

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