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BBC Radio
Posted on Wednesday 29 May 2013 at 12:33 pm

BBC Radio iPlayer Change Coming

The BBC has announced that starting next year it will introduce program downloading to the Radio iPlayer. Currently, Radio programs have to be streamed while available on the website, typically 7 days, whereas TV programs can be downloaded and watched while offline and up to 30 days after downloaded, so long after they're gone from the website. On the one hand, this is probably a good thing for casual listeners who are unaware of ways to download already or who are on computers that can't do it (e.g. the program I use doesn't work on Macs) and might get more people interested and able to listen. On the other hand, what will this mean for people like me already downloading programs? If this introduces DRM that prevents Radio Downloader from functioning as it currently does and forces me to the one month only stuff that I might or might not be able to transfer to my iPhone, I will be most upset.
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EDIT: I found a link to the BBC's full description of the program and, as I feared, it is nothing but DRM. If they change everything so that the Radio matches the current TV, which is what it very much sounds like they want to do, basically, I will be completely fucked. I am not at all happy about this. Link to the PDF.

Also, I'm out of town next week, leaving Friday and returning the following Saturday. I'll probably do like last time I was gone for the usual Sunday morning BBC Radio posts:
Tomorrow: Post things I'll be downloading for Sunday (2 June) through whatever is up on the easily navigable schedule at that time
Sunday 9 June: Post things I've downloaded / will be downloading for whatever remains of next week through the next Saturday (15) and everything I listened to this week (from Sunday 26 May) through next week (Saturday 8 June). That could make for a beast of a post since it will cover so much more time than normal, but I don't have time to do the Listened write ups for the stuff I've already listened to before I leave and I don't think it will be that bad because I don't think I'll be able to listen to much while I'm out of town.
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