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Indy I A
Posted on Sunday 12 May 2013 at 7:43 am

Hi, Honeys, I'm Home!

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Back from a week playing tourist with my parents in the coastal Massachusetts area. We stayed in a condo in Cape Cod and spent a couple full days and one half day in Boston doing the Freedom Trail and a few other things, a day at Lexington and Concord, a day in Cape Cod itself, half a day at Cambridge, half a day at the Adams' homes, and a half a day at Salem. I live in a Ye Olde Colonial and Revolution tourist trap town and area, but it was fun playing tourist at someone else's historical spots for a few days and it was great seeing my parents.

I got back late Friday night, though my suitcase didn't get back until Saturday afternoon. I spent yesterday grocery shopping, unpacking (once the suitcase arrived), and otherwise settling back in. I also met up with both the new roommates for next year, which was the first time the two of them met, and got everyone to sign the new lease that came in while I was out of town. I always seem to find roommates who will be graduating in a year so I always have to get new ones to move in for the next year and it is a huge pain. One of the incoming ones is actually early on in the PhD program so I'm hopeful she'll stick around for more than a year and maybe that will be a trend.

While I was gone, my sister got a job! She was fired (as the company told her at the time) or laid off (as the company reported to the Workforce Commission for the purposes of allowing her to claim Unemployment Insurance without a fight perhaps in order to hide some shady activities at the company) on my birthday, 8 March, so she was out of a job for right about two months, which is actually really good turnaround time in the current economy.

I think that's it for the real life updates. I'll have the usual Sunday BBC Radio post up in a few hours. I was able to skim the flist while I was gone so I think I saw everyone's news, but I didn't have time to comment on anything.
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Unsentimental Fool
unsentimentalf at 7:49 pm on 12 May 2013 (UTC) (Link)
I live in the midst of tourists too, and I love touristing elsewhere. Good news for your sister and welcome home :-)
bratty_jedi at 12:23 am on 13 May 2013 (UTC) (Link)
I love playing tourist elsewhere, but I try to avoid the things that annoy me the most about tourists here by doing things like moving to the side and out of the flow of traffic before looking at a map or some such rather than stopping in the middle of the sidewalk or the road like people do around here.


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