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Indy I A
Posted on Sunday 14 April 2013 at 6:16 pm

DC Trip

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I went up to DC for absolutely no reason this weekend. I had a friend going up for a reason and she was planning on taking the train and getting a hotel room. I told her I'd drive us both up, paying for the gas and saving her the cost of the train, if I could crash in her room, so that's what we did. We drove up Friday morning, I spent a couple of days kicking around the city, and then we drove back early this afternoon.

Friday I walked around a couple of museums, checking out favorite permanent exhibits and latest changing exhibits. Then I went down to the mall and tidal basin area to see the cherry blossoms. Peak bloom for DC's famous trees was Monday or Tuesday this past week so they'd started to drop some of the pretty white and pink petals but there were still plenty and it was nice. I've been in Virginia for years and kept meaning to make it up to see the cherry blossoms and never got around to it until now so if this trip could be said to have had a purpose, this was it. The big Cherry Blossom Festival was still in full swing this weekend. Friday wasn't too bad but I walked around in the area a bit Saturday afternoon as well and it was insane. I took lots of photos, which I might get around to posting. I still haven't posted the photos from my September trip to Hawaii, though.

Saturday I went to the zoo and met up with a friend who lives in the DC area, her husband, and their c. 14-month old son. It was good. The animals were cute (I have photos of them, too), as was the human munchkin (no photos of them). As we walked around, my friend and I chatted Doctor Who, Sherlock (BBC), broader Sherlock Holmes, broader Cumberbatch, BBC Radio, books and reading generally, and all the other stuff you'd probably expect me to chat about with a close geeky friend. :-) After the zoo, they headed for home while I got some lunch (a beef and lamb shawarma sandwich at a Lebanese restaurant about which I am still drooling because it was that bloody good), meandered in and out of museums and the mall area again for a while, then met up with my friend again for dinner (and more geeky conversation) sans husband and child then back to their house for a little bit more hanging out.

Today, my friend with whom I drove up who'd had other stuff to do on Friday and Saturday and I went to a flea market then came home. The flea market was a pretty good one that I could see visiting regularly if I lived in the area but I didn't buy anything. The thing that tempted me most was a woman selling purses, nook/kindle/ipad covers, etc. she'd made out of books. They were fantastic in concept but none of the specific ones she had today really jumped out at me. Plus, they were SUPER expensive to buy. I've been googling images of similar things and suspect it is the kind of craft that can be done entirely with the right glue, no sewing skills required, which means I might be able to do it myself. I'll have to think about it. The other problem with all this is that I never carry a purse so it is completely pointless, but I still really want a purse made out of a Complete Sherlock Holmes (like this one).

Now I am home after a rather fun weekend of quite a bit of walking and too much eating of junk food. I am dealing with that by having cookies for dinner because clearly I might as well continue to eat junk food all weekend and start pretending to be healthy again tomorrow, for which purpose I bought watermelon when I went to the store to buy the cookies.


failte_aoife at 11:11 am on 15 April 2013 (UTC) (Link)
I once tried making a cover for my e-reader from an old book though not quite like these purses (I used this as pattern). First it worked all quite well with the glueing together and cutting out but then I realized that my reader was too big for the book I used (I cut quite near the edges but it still didn't fit in), so now this project got post-poned till I find another book. (I'm also torn between 'use a pretty book and leave it as it is' and 'use an ugly book and sew a new cover for it'...the latter would be of course less work but I'm not sure if I can willingly destroy a pretty book)
bratty_jedi at 11:21 pm on 18 April 2013 (UTC) (Link)
I just have a bought cover for my Nook and while I wouldn't mind a cover made from a real book, I actually like the cover I have. It is this one with icons representing several classic books and I think I'm happier with that than I'd be with agonizing over picking one book to use.

Destroying a new and pretty book is a tough call but it isn't really destroying it since you'll still be using the pretty cover.

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