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Sherlock Hemlock
Posted on Thursday 14 March 2013 at 7:15 am

Dream Magic 8 Ball

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I almost never remember my dreams. The primary exception to that is if something happens to wake me in the middle of a dream, but I typically wake on my own so I come up gently enough that I'm not dreaming and don't remember them. This morning when I woke up, I knew exactly what I had just been dreaming, despite waking on my own, and it was kind of weird.

Is everyone familiar with a Magic 8 Ball? If not, it is a cheap, plastic toy black ball with a large white circle with an 8 in it on one side and a clear window on the other. Inside the window is some murky blue liquid and a die with various answers on it that are all variations on yes, no, and maybe or I don't know. You ask a yes/no question, typically seeking some kind of prediction about the future, shake the ball with the 8 facing you to make the die rotate around in the liquid, then turn it over to reveal the answer. I think they're kind of stupid because I was never into that kind of fake prediction stuff, but it is just a kids' toy.

In my dream, I was at some kind of collectibles store with my mother and sister and there was a kind of fancy high-class version of a Magic 8 Ball. It had a beautiful stand to put it on and it was made out of a heavier and smoother material than the usual plastic nonsense. Here's the real kicker: the stand for it was decorated with miniature sculptures of the various actors who have played Holmes and Watson, instead of a big white circle with an 8 in it, the ball itself had a circle with a classic Holmes and Watson illustration, and all the yes / no / maybe answers were quotes from the canon. In the original Magic 8 Ball, yes is the most common answer but I think this one would have to be primarily the inconclusive type. Do you have any idea how many quotes there are in the Conan Doyle canon that would be variations on "Need more info before speculating."? I want one of these so very much!


impulsereader at 5:41 pm on 15 March 2013 (UTC) (Link)
Oooooo! I am completely sold on the shiny new toy. The best part is that the quotes from ACD canon make for a much better - or more realistic - prognostication tool than the normal Magic 8 Ball fare. A ball full of Maybes which must be interpreted and are unlikely to provide much of an actual answer for those characters who are so unwisely attempting to look into the future. Thanks for dreaming it up. :-)
bratty_jedi at 8:23 pm on 15 March 2013 (UTC) (Link)
I'm just terribly disappointed it only exists in my dreams because I would totally buy one of these!

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