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Reading outside
Posted on Monday 11 March 2013 at 7:54 pm

30 Days of Fictional Females Meme - Day Eleven: Favourite female character in a children’s show

Day Eleven: Favourite female character in a children’s show
I give up on shows. I'm no good at shows. Books rock my world. So, a favorite female character from a children's book from when I was a child: Madeline. I loved the Madeline books so very much. For anyone unfamiliar, they are about, well, to quote the opening of them "An old house in Paris all covered in vines" where there lived "twelve little girls in two straight lines." My adult interpretation is that it was a Parisian orphanage run by a nun, but I suppose there's a small chance it is a boarding school and I just don't remember correctly. Madeline was the smallest of the girls and was very brave and feisty ("She was not afraid of mice. She loved winter, snow, and ice. To the tiger in the zoo, Madeline just said poo poo.") and had all kinds of adventures. My favorites were the one where she went to the circus and the one where a dog saved her from drowning and she adopted it. The dog was named Genevive and I someday want to have two dogs and name them Madeline and Genevive but call them Maddy and Ginny. My niece just turned one about two weeks ago so this past Christmas was her first one and I gave her a copy of the complete Madeline collection for it. It was great watching my mom show her the book with the comment "Your Aunt Rachael wanted to give this to you because it was one of her favorites when she was little and she hopes you'll like it, too." then read some of it to her.

NB: All Madeline quotes are from memory, so they might be a bit off. Sorry.

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