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BBC Radio
Posted on Monday 18 February 2013 at 7:26 am

BBC Radio Follow-up

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I missed mentioning the last episode of the current series of Cabin Pressure under listened to in this week's regular BBC Radio post. My bad. Not that big a deal, I suppose. My initial thoughts can be found in comments to this post with a few thoughts on the fandom reaction in this post.

The other addition to the usual radio post comes via a Telegraph article I read this morning. Radio 4 will be broadcasting a poem this week that I think I'll check out. Poetry isn't usually my thing, especially non-fiction poetry as this is, but the topic sounds interesting. Important highlights of information from the article that got me interested:

"Tony Harrison’s poem v. contains 25 f***s and 17 c***s. There’s to be no bleeping."

"The idea for the poem came from what Harrison saw when he visited his parents’ grave in Holbeck Cemetery in the deprived area of Beeston, Leeds. The grave was covered in graffiti. In the poem, Tony Harrison gives us these spray-painted words verbatim, which is why Radio 4 is offering the poet’s new recording with a health warning about 'obscene and racist language', as well as an introduction to the world of the poem from Blake Morrison."

"The poet spends a while trying to understand the youths who have vandalised the cemetery. He sees them as trapped in a world of divisions. As he explains in the poem, 'These Vs are all the versuses of life / from LEEDS v. DERBY, Black/White / and (as I’ve known to my cost) man v. wife, / Communist v. Fascist, Left v. Right …' In the end, he lets them speak."

"But how relevant is all of this a quarter of a century later? The heat of the poem can be attributed, in part, to the miners’ strike and the clashes of that conflict. Is there still the kind of rage that justifies what the Daily Mail called a 'torrent of four-letter filth'?"

The BBC site for the broadcast is here. Anyone using Radio Downloader, it is under "v. by Tony Harrison" rather than the more usual "Tony Harrison - v." format.

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