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Posted on Friday 1 September 2006 at 11:42 pm

Power and Fic

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I discovered the way to finish a recalcitrant fic: have a tropical storm come to town. With Ernesto sitting along the east coast, dumping torrential run and 50 mile per hour winds on Williamsburg, the entire town has basically shut down. My apartment (and much of the city) was without electricity, internet, and, intermittently, phone for 8.5 hours. This left me with very few options.

1. Start on homework for the semester or finish my last essay to get rid of my incomplete from last semester. Can't since all the books I need are at the library, bookstore, or my office on campus and I can't get to them.

2. Sit close to the window for light and play board/card/dice games with the roomie. Can't because she has her books and is doing homework.

3. Curl up on my bed near the window and watch the lunatics attempting to play wiffle ball in the courtyard despite the wind and rain. This was mildly entertaining for a little while but certainly not an all-day activity.

4. Take a nap. Again, good for a little while but not an all-day event. Especially not when the building next to us had their fire alarm blaring for about half-an-hour.

5. Curl up on my bed, next to the window for light, with my new Star Wars book and read. Can't because I banned myself from reading my new Star Wars book until my Nymphadora of the Week story was finished.

6. Curl up on my bed, next to the window for light, with pen and paper and finish my Nymphadora of the Week story. It is finally finished! Well, actually it is written, typed, and on its way to mrstater for a quick beta because I suspect it sucks. Hopefully it will be posted soon (tomorrow or Sunday?), assuming I don't lose power (my laptop battery is drained from typing the story when I still didn't have power) or internet again, and you can tell if it truly sucks as much as I'm afraid it does.
I finally wrote something!
Feeling: I finally wrote something!


What's Taters, Precious?
mrstater at 4:02 am on 02 September 2006 (UTC) (Link)
It's wonderful, dear, and I'll go through it for typos and such first thing in the morning. But it's really lovely and was a nice end to my night. :)

Take care! Hope you get power soon.

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