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Posted on Monday 21 January 2013 at 10:58 am

The Saga of the Glasses (and a bit of accidental but important self psychoanalysis)

For those that aren't friends with me on facebook or those who are but haven't followed the full story, I bring you the saga of my glasses...

On 28 November, I broke my glasses. We shall call these "Broken Glasses." I have had Broken Glasses for a couple of years so not too surprising. I dug out a pair of glasses with an older prescription (henceforth Old Glasses). This prescription matched that in my sunglasses (henceforth Old Sunglasses) since I didn't get new sunglasses when I got Broken Glasses. Old Glasses and Old Sunglasses are probably at least 5 years old so the prescription wasn't great for how bad my eyes are now but it was livable. Also, Old Sunglasses are so old and worn that they are barely tinted anymore and barely count as sunglasses but they are slightly tinted.

I got my eyes checked on 29 November but waited until I went home to Texas for the holiday break to order glasses because I can get them much cheaper there than anything I've found here. I ordered New Glasses and New Sunglasses on 15 December.

I picked up New Glasses on 30 December. New Sunglasses weren't available because they had failed their final inspection and had to be remade.

New Glasses looked very wonky from the start. I put it down to just jumping so much in prescription since my eyes had slowly adjusted to being on Old Glasses, but after several days things still weren't great. I tried adjusting them on my own some to get the fit right and went back a couple of times to get them professionally adjusted, but no luck.

On 7 January I realized that the right lense on New Glasses wasn't screwed in right, that there was a gap with the screw that made the ear piece wiggle and made the wire of the frame not close completely around the lense. I went back to the store and had a new screw put in and the gap was closed when that screw was tightened. I picked up New Sunglasses at the same time and have had few to no problems with them.

On 9 January (11 days after I got them) the frame of New Glasses broke. It snapped at a point that makes me suspect the lense wasn't cut right and that is why the first screw had slipped out of place and created the gap but in putting in the new screw and forcing it to fully shut we forced the frame to bend wrong and eventually snap. I went in and they popped out the lenses, put them in the display model of the same frame, and sent me on my way.

The New New Glasses would not settle correctly. They felt fine sitting on my face but I could never see correctly. Everything was slightly distorted and out of whack and I was getting continual headaches and slight feelings of nausea worse than when I'd been wearing Old Glasses with their outdated prescription. I was in the shop every day, twice one day, trying to get them adjusted so I could see correctly but nothing was working. On 13 January (5 days after I got them!) the frame of New New Glasses snapped.

When I went to the store this time, I made it clear that there was something seriously wrong and I wasn't just going to take another frame off the shelf and go. There was something about this frame and my lenses that obviously wasn't going to work. The employee gave me a hard time, insisting that this must all somehow be my fault, that there was no record in the system of my having brought in the broken frame of New Glasses and receiving New New Glasses, that I'd have to pay a co-pay and use my warranty, etc. When I pointed out that this was only 15 days since I'd picked up the glasses so I was still within the 30-day money back guarantee let alone the year warranty I'd paid extra for, she got snippy about whether it had been 30-days since I'd ordered them not since I'd picked them up because them taking their sweet time to make them counts against me as well (it was still within that 30-days, too). She finally caved and I picked a new frame and she ordered new lenses for that frame. Everything is supposed to be in later this week but now my parents will have to mail them to me.

I've been wearing Old Glasses and New Sunglasses. Saturday I went for a walk in the woods wearing New Sunglasses with Old Glasses hanging on my shirt collar, as I often due in case it starts getting dark. When I got home, Old Glasses were no longer hanging on my shirt collar. On Sunday I retraced my walk but didn't find Old Glasses. So now I am wearing New Sunglasses when I actually want sunglasses and Old Sunglasses when I want regular glasses. The tinting is so faded on Old Sunglasses it almost doesn't matter, but it still kind of does. Between the old prescription and the slight tinting, I can't really drive at night now and I almost always have a headache from eye strain by 3 or 4 in the afternoon. It is very frustrating and I just want to be able to see properly! Why is this too much to ask?

In short, I've broken two pairs of new glasses and lost one pair of old glasses in less than a month. I haven't been able to see properly for almost two months now and won't be able to for probably another one to two weeks. This is making it very difficult to do anything, especially work on my dissertation which requires reading lots of old text that requires I squint and strain under the best of circumstances. Couple that with my university's stupid policy of kicking people out of the library study carrels at the end of each semester and not assigning them again until after the second week of classes of the new semester so I don't have my good place to work, I've been completely unproductive for far too long and I'm starting to get into a psychological funk about that but can't really do anything about it. Or I probably could just force myself to do some work at home but I've now got a mental block going and just can't bring myself to do it. Add to that the fact that two of my best friends just defended in the past few months and will most likely be leaving Williamsburg within a few months, that one of my other best friends left over a year ago so I'm seriously starting to run out of friends here, that LJ has been quiet lately on personal postings and the only fandom posts are for fandoms I'm not in and most of the fandoms I'd like to be in at the moment and could maybe make new LJ friends either are so small they don't really exist (why oh why doesn't the rest of the world want to talk about how awesome Cabin Pressure is?) or what does exist is stuff I don't like (e.g. Sherlock/John) so I kind of feel like I'm losing touch with people here, too, and I'm just really slipping into a major funk of "Everyone else is moving on with their lives while I'm just going nowhere."

Uh... wait... how did a post about my glasses end up there? Huh. I think I'm in a bigger funk than I'd realized.

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