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Posted on Sunday 21 May 2006 at 9:28 am

Spurs and Planes

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I've had a busy couple of days.  First, the Spurs won games 5 and 6 of the series against Dallas!  I missed the beginning of game five because I was shopping with my sister.  I was there for the crazy finish that involved more jump balls in the last couple of minutes then you sometimes se in an entire game.  I totally missed the punch that got the Mav players suspended for a game until I saw the replay.  I think overall the Spurs have been playing much better these past two games.  They have both been really close on the score.  I don't think the sixth game was as close as the score (91-86) makes it look.  It technically came down to the wire, but it was pretty clear we were going to win that game several minutes before the end of the fourth.  That may not seem like much since it is sometimes obvious who will win a game several minutes before then end of the second, but considering three of the six games in this series have been decided by one or two points, that gives me more hope for game 7 tomorrow night. 

I am now back at my apartment at school after my brief vacation to my parents' place.  The plane ride yesterday was a bit crazy.  My flight from Houston to Dallas was delayed by 50 minutes.  By the time I was on the ground in Dallas, my flight to Richmond had already begun boarding.  Of course my two flights were arriving and departing from gates at the exact opposite ends of the airport.  I had to take the sky train all the way around and run to my departure gate.  When I ran up, the guy looked at me an said my last name.  I said "yep" and he told me I was the last one.  Not like it was my fault and it was still ten minutes until the scheduled departure time.  We pulled away from the gate five minutes early.  At least they waited for me.  If I had more time on the ground in Dallas I might have thought about making comments to random strangers about the Spurs needing to beat the Mavericks just to get the reactions.  Hopefully no one would have lynched me! The flight attendant doing the intro announcements on the second flight was moderately entertaining.  She started saying that the weather in Richmond was 25 degrees.  The plane got kind of quite at that so she said "yes, that is in celsius.  But I have to get your attention somehow."  At the end of her spiel she added that 25 C is about 78 F for those who were conversion challenged as she is.  Like I said, moderately entertaining.

When I got to Richmond, thanks to the mad dash in Dallas, my luggage hadn't made my flight.  It took forever but th airline finally had all my information, said my suitcases would be on the 11:30 flight from Dallas and they would deliver them to my apartment in Williamsburg.  And they did.  at 4:00 this morning.  The guy was just going to leave them on the doorstep but he couldn't find my apartment complex.  My address is 707 and he could find 706 and 708 so he called me.  I told him I was across the street and he said he had asked a police officer who had been parked on the street and the cop said there were no apartments on my side of the street.  And my parents always told me when I was little I should ask a cop for directions if I was lost.  I managed to talk the guy through driving into my parking lot (admittedly the apartments are hidden by trees and currently loads of construction), got my bags, and fell back into bed. After that, I am ready for a very lazy day.  Unfortunately, I have to unpack, do laundry, run errands, and repack for my next trip (more information later).  You know what "they" say: No rest for the weary.
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