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Book Pink BrattyJedi
Posted on Monday 21 May 2012 at 9:04 am

Question Meme

Meme time! train_lindz gave me seven questions. If you want to play, say so in a comment and I'll give you seven random questions.

1. If you could study any subject EXCEPT history, what would it be?
I started my undergrad days as a political science major, but I don't think that really counts as an answer since I mostly was interested in the history of governments and I still classify myself as a political culture historian so if I were to study political science I'd still be doing history just with a slightly different focus. The first three summers in my PhD program, I taught reading classes and then for a few years I volunteered one day a week with a second-grade class. I've always loved kid and YA books and fell in love with working with kids through those experiences. Somedays when I'm in the pit of "I'm never going to write my dissertation!" despair, I decide I'm going to quit this grad school, go get a Masters of Library Science and become a school or public library children's librarian.

2. What fruit is the worst?
Strawberries. It isn't just because I hate them and they make me sick. There are lots of fruits I hate, lots of fruits that make me sick, and even some fruits that I like that I can't eat because they make me sick. Strawberries get top honor on the worst list though because they are so damned ubiquitous. Everyone else loves them and puts them in everything so I am denied all kinds of otherwise lovely pastries and desserts.

3. Which of your fingers is your favourite?
Ordinarily I'd say my index fingers because they are rather useful and slightly ... wrong... sometimes described as double jointed but that's a misnomer. I think I actually have a mild case of something called locking swan neck deformity, but that's a self diagnosis. Whatever's going on, I can't make my fingers go straight and they sometimes get briefly stuck in weird positions when I try to bend them and it freaks people out, which I find amusing. At the moment, however, they both have huge sores on them because I spent too long playing on the swings at the park the other day (Don't look at me that way! I am not 6 years old!) and rubbed them raw without realizing it. It's been days and they really hurt, still!

Until my index fingers no longer hurt, I guess I'll go with thumbs. Opposable thumbs are an evolutionary marvel from which I am happy to benefit.

4. If you were to write the next Big Thing Book Series, what would the title of it be?
The Elusive Immemorials

5. You are a super hero - what is your power and who is your greatest foe?
In reality, I would absolutely love to have the ability to teleport. That would just make my world in so many ways. I'm not sure that's the greatest thing for a superhero, but I'll stick with it. Foe would definitely be The Salamandroid. He or she (I'm undecided on that) would be like a salamander, able to walk through fire and maybe draw power from fire and that's where the name would come from since that is a legit word, but everyone would assume a salamander shaped robot or something because of the android bit and my foe would always get petulant about people expecting that, media drawing him/her that way because they can never get good pictures through the fires around my enemy, etc. Is it wrong that I want a foe who is always getting petulant over something that amounts to a bad pun?

6. What is a picture/gif/etc that never fails to make you smile?
There are a few photos that give me happy memories every time I see them, but that's rather the point of photos. The first one that popped into my head just now is me helping a friend build a tower of glasses, silverware, salt shakers, etc. in a bar, specifically celebrating when we got a knife or something to balance rather precariously on the top.

7. If you could 'do-over' one event in your life, but couldn't change anything, just have the chance to reexperience it, what would it be?
I honestly think the answer to this is something in my future. Ask me again at the end of my life and it will almost certainly be something like wedding day or PhD graduation day or birth of a child or one of those big events. I suppose for now... my first trip to Disney World when I was 4 or 5 might be nice to relive as I don't remember a thing of it but it had to have been magical as that's pretty much the definition.

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