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Posted on Tuesday 10 April 2012 at 1:29 pm

Today's Dose of Cuteness

I'm working at Barnes and Noble, because that's what I do pretty much every Tuesday and Thursday and Saturday or Sunday or both. There's a family at another table with a little girl, maybe around 6 years old. A few minutes ago, she just suddenly burst out in a loud and excited voice, like she had just solved the biggest mystery of the universe, "But Daddy, you wouldn't have to pay for anything! We can just all wish for a horse and stable and everything for Christmas!" The entire cafe area went silent for a moment then every adult within a three table radius started chuckling. The little girl seemed to realize it was about her and looked around confused and slightly timid then said "If that would work, I mean." Her father, trying very hard not to laugh, assured her that it was a brilliant idea and they'd give it a try but there was no guarantee it would work. That seemed to satisfy her and she went back to eating her cookie. So cute and precious!

EDIT: Ok. This kid is awesome. Now she's flipping out about the amazing things she could build out of a Lego idea book she's looking at. Rock on Lego girl!

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