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Posted on Monday 26 March 2012 at 2:01 pm

Freedom (for c. 43 hours)

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I finished classes for today and for once in my life I have everything prepped for Wednesdays classes already, probably because I decided to have them do group work and then prepped a documentary to show for any left over time rather than writing a real lecture, and for the first time in weeks I have nothing to grade. Because I have all that done, printed, and ready to go, I don't have to think about classes again until 9 am Wednesday. 43 hours of sweet freedom! I have decided I shall...

(1) Go for a walk because it is a fairly lovely spring day in my neck of the woods.

(2) Take a long bath this evening and just relax.

(3) Definitely not work on the Sherlock-House crossover fic I totally didn't outline this weekend.

By the way, what's the proper punctuation for crossovers? I feel like it should be Sherlock/House rather than Sherlock-House as I typed above, but given that the names of the two fandoms at issue here are also the names of two characters, the slash might send signals I definitely do not want to send as to the contents of the fic. Ah, the perils of fandom.

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