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Happy Everything
Posted on Tuesday 13 December 2011 at 9:56 am

Christmas Candies

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I drove to Texas rather than flying this year. I had many reasons for doing so, but the two biggest were that I'm sick and tired of the security theater nonsense at airports that does nothing to make me safer but does destroy my rights and I had a bunch of stuff in Virginia that I don't need there and stuff in Texas that I want in Virginia that I couldn't swap out without a car to haul it all.

I got to Texas on Saturday. On Sunday, my sister Katrina and I made Christmas candies. It was fun and sometimes messy, but I'm pleased with the results.

Plain Candies
The ring of snowmen are mine. All the rest are Katrina's.
Plain Candies

Chocolate-Covered Oreo Cookies
We'd never made these before so there was a bit of a learning curve, but I think we figured it out. The Santas, lightbulbs, and reindeer are mine. The snowmen, lacey solid colored ones, and snowflakes are Katrina's.
Chocolate-Covered Oreo Cookies

Sticked Candies
Most are on pretzel rods but some are on plain lollipop sticks. The lightbulb strings, candy canes, and trees with colored decorations are mine. The present stacks, trees without decorations, lollipop rounds, and gingerbread people are Katrina's.
Sticked Candies

Messy Rachael
The blue bottle of candy didn't want to cooperate. First it exploded on me (thus the solid blue reindeer cookie)...
Messy Rachael

Messy Katrina
... then it exploded on my sister (thus the plain candy snowmen heads that are half blue and half white).
Messy Katrina

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Wild Magelet
wildmagelet at 6:47 pm on 13 December 2011 (UTC) (Link)
They look awesome! How do you do the colours? I was looking at some chocolate moulds and lollipop sticks in a shop the other day and thinking they would be cute, but I wasn't sure how you colour them.
bratty_jedi at 7:52 pm on 13 December 2011 (UTC) (Link)
Thanks! I have lots of fun making them.

I pretty much use Wilton brand melting candies and there are two options for the different colors. The easiest way is to buy melting candies in different colors. The other option is to buy white melting candy and color it with candy dies. Then it is just a matter of using squeeze bottles or icing bags with tiny tips, toothpicks, and / or paintbrushes to get the colors where you want them.

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