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Posted on Wednesday 23 November 2011 at 8:44 pm

Who Wrote Pride and Prejudice?

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I'm a fan of ebooks. I don't really like reading them on my laptop, but I do sometimes. I've read several on my iPhone, which is an annoyingly small screen, but it is still more convenient when traveling than taking a huge stack of books. I've long been enchanted by e-ink readers, have played around with multiple models, have strong opinions on the best ones currently on the market, etc., but have never bought one. The Barnes and Noble Simple Touch Nook is, in my opinion, the best out there for e-ink and they are doing a Black Friday sale on it for $79. That price is low enough I can definitely do it and I already have the Nook apps on my laptop and iPhone and have several B&N purchased ebooks, some of which I've read and some of which I haven't, so I anticipate it will take me all of 10 seconds to be reading on thing once I get it out of the box (well, once the battery is charged since these kinds of things aren't usually shipped with fully charged batteries).

In preparation for said "all of 10 seconds" until reading, I was checking today to see what ebooks I have that I haven't read. Most of the B&N ebooks that I have are either Star Wars short stories that were originally released exclusively to ebook or classics that I got for free when B&N was doing a give away a while back. I think something's gone wrong with downloading the information from the B&N site to my computer's "Nook Library." Everything is right on the B&N website, but according to my computer, I have the following books:

Anna Karenina by John Jackson Miller
Common Sense by Oscar Wilde
Dracula by Leo Tolstoy
Frankenstein by Virginia Woolf
Grimm's Fairy Tales by D. H Lawrence
Hound of Baskervilles by Edgar Allan Poe (that one's close in some ways, but there's another Sherlock Holmes book that's apparently by Victor Hugo)
Little Women by Franz Kafka (OMG! That would be trippy!)
Pride and Prejudice by Sinclair Lewis
Red Badge of Courage by Henry James

That's just a sample. Everything is completely screwed up. I think there are two or three right title and author matches in the library of 61 books. I think the titles are all on the correct books, and the authors are the correct authors for books I have, but the authors just aren't on the correct books. I can't figure out how to fix it. It is definitely correct on the B&N website and it appears to be correct on the Nook app on the iPhone. But man is it wrong on the laptop. I've tried resyncing the files, logging out of my account and logging back in, restarting everything, anything I can think of and there is just no fixing it. Hopefully it won't happen on the real Nook. In the meantime, I'm currently more amused than frustrated but would take any suggestions on how to fix this.

Oh, in case anyone is wondering, since Sinclair Lewis is the author of Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen's work in my library is a Star Wars short story. Sorry Austenites.
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