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Posted on Sunday 28 August 2011 at 3:18 pm

Post Hurricane

I survived. The house at which I was dog sitting lost power early and still has no power. My house lost power late and still has no power. That's about the worst thing to happen to either. There are downed tree limbs, trees, etc. all over town and last I heard something like 80% of the city is without power so I don't expect that I'll get it back anytime soon.

While the lack of power at my house is an inconvenience, it isn't the end of the world because my office on campus has power and internet so I can play on the internet here, charge my laptop batteries here, then take them home and watch a couple of movies after dark before they'd both be dead. Apparently most of the campus (read: all the dorms) still don't have power so they've cancelled classes at least through Tuesday and told students not to come back yet. The other thing that will make it easily survivable without power at my house until I get it back is that one of my best friends has power at his place and has made it clear I can take hot showers there, cook there, etc. as I need to do. I might take him up on that offer this evening. If I don't get power back, I will definitely take him up on it tomorrow.

Also, there are a couple of trees down in the collection around the edges of my yard. They are half down/ half leaning on other trees but fell in ways that didn't land on anything important and they don't appear to be hazardous, likely to fall on people, houses, or cars, if they fall the rest of the way. I'm not sure if they are on my property or the neighbor's property. I'll probably call the landlord soon (Monday or after I get power or whenever seems convenient) and tell him all this, emphasizing that my triage assessment is that they need to be dealt with but not immediately since I've seen trees that crashed on houses, destroying roofs, and I suspect all the tree people will be busy with those kind of things at first, but that I've informed him so it is officially his problem.

So that's about it for me. Since they've cancelled classes Tuesday now, I keep thinking I should start trying to figure out what to do with my syllabus to compensate for the missed day, but I also feel like as soon as I do that, they'll decide it will take super long to get power back and cancel classes Wednesday and then Thursday and I'll just have to rejigger it again. I figure I'll wait until they reopen the dorms (which they currently hope to do Tuesday) since they have to do that the day before classes can begin again.

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