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Posted on Friday 26 August 2011 at 3:15 pm

Hurricane Plans

There's a hurricane headed for me, they've evacuated my college campus (but not my city), and I'm dog sitting for a professor who is at his niece's wedding in California. Groovy.

I'm not actually overly worried. I think we'll get wind and rain but not epic flooding or blowing down houses levels. The main thing I foresee as problematic will be debris blocking roads and making them impassible and lack of power, so more inconveniences than anything life threatening. I'm stocked up on food, candles, etc. and will just hunker down at the professor's house so that if the roads are impassible I'm stuck with the dog not stuck unable to get to the dog. I have another friend who is sticking around and he's going to join me. Main reasons for this are (1) should something go wrong and someone get hurt, there will be someone else there to help rather than a complete inability to get help (2) we can entertain each other when there is no power and the laptop batteries die (3) if the power outages last for several days and it becomes a better idea to leave, his folks live up by DC (which shouldn't get hit that badly) and have said I can go up there, bringing the dog with me if its owners can't get back on Sunday as they initially planned, as long as I bring their son with me since his car is currently in the repair shop so he can't get anywhere.

Those are my basic plans. Here's hoping I'm not wrong about inconvenience not danger for my area and that the inconveniences don't last too long.


labellerose at 3:45 pm on 27 August 2011 (UTC) (Link)
Thinking of you. Stay safe and update us when you can, OK?

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